April 5, 2014

About that Bikini...

This morning I was thinking about a blog post I did a long time ago. I had been about 3 months into my journey and decided to do a video post about swimsuits. I confidently proclaimed that I would be wearing a two piece bathing suit that summer on a beach somewhere. Never would I wear one of those granny suits again, I promised.

Well here we are  about 4 years later and suffice it to say, granny suits aren't getting such a bad wrap from me these days. Am I where I wanted to be back then, right now? No. But that's honestly a wonderful thing. What if God just gave us everything we wanted right when we wanted it? Oh man.

In place of a two-piece body I have received some things I wouldn't have ever even dreamed of asking for.

A love for honesty and facing reality.
Desire to deal with conflict.
Experience in perseverance.
Acceptance of my body as God made it.
A truly free spirit that has almost stopped making plans of her own.
Understanding of why I weighed nearly 230 pounds (and it's not because "I just love food.")
Guidance on how to be really beautiful. (See 1 Pet.3)
Grace and compassion for others who suffer from addictions, bad habits & hurts.
A deeper relationship with Jesus.

Basically, I asked for scraps and God provided  a feast.