December 30, 2012

News: I Cooked Something

These are the fabulous potatoes I made for lunch today. A pretty healthy (and easy!) way to get a fried potato fix. You boil some small potatoes (leave them whole) for about 30 minutes. The smallest ones worked best, between the size of a tennis ball and a ping pong ball. When a fork goes in easily, remove the potatoes and dry them off on a towel. Like this:

Then you put them on a pan lined with foil and parchment paper. I sprayed it with olive oil. Then flatten each potato with  a spatula to about 1/2 in. It's okay if they come apart some. I just formed them back into circles. Drizzle with olive oil and a liberal amount of salt and pepper. You could probably be more adventurous with the spices but I wanted simple. Bake at 450 for about 30 minutes until the tops and edges are golden and crispy. I served with tilapia and a salad. Justin said I outdid myself on lunch today. I said, "Yeah, simply by cooking something, I outdid myself." That's kind of sad. It has been awhile. But I'll take the compliment! It was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself.

I had an enjoyable trip to the market yesterday. The fridge got cleaned out and only healthy stuff is in there now. Whoo-hoo!

I found these pretty ceramic refrigerator/microwaveable storage bowls at Marshall's. I LOVE them! I hate the plastic storage containers because I always have lids that don't match containers and they just clutter everything up. Plus I think they are bad for you. And the earth. Anyway, I usually leave the leftovers in them forever and then when I finally clean out the fridge I end up tossing the containers rather than wash them. LAZY! But I will never throw these beauties away.

I feel like I'm getting the food part under control. Now for the motivation to get outside and exercise! It seems to be there but it is so dang cold! I got all dressed up, had earbuds and everything to go for a walk today and one step outside changed my mind. I am praying for some slightly warmer, less windier days this week so I can get moving while it seems somewhat appealing. (Yes, I could do some things inside but I don't like to.) Want to try jogging a mile 3 days. Maybe walk some other days. It's a start. I am dreaming of another half marathon...but mustn't get ahead of myself. We'll see what progress the week brings.

This photo kind of sums up our day. Loved it.

Weigh-in tomorrow.

December 29, 2012

Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits aren't so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world. -Anne of Green Gables

I am touched by all the supportive comments from my blog post last night. I am overwhelmed by the way God places people in our lives to uplift and encourage. How many of us are in the same boat! We have struggled for so, so long. It takes courage to keep going. I pleaded with God for that courage and new answers for us all. For Him to show us a different way and to give us strength to go there. I believe He will answer that prayer.

I won't pretend that I am strong, as if suddenly I'm ready to tackle this again. I'm not. I'm weak. As difficult as it may be to realize, we are unified in our weakness, not our strength. But we know that in our weakness His strength is made perfect. For all that weakness, the collective weakness of us kindred spirits, there is infinitely more strength in Christ.

That's our hope, that's our courage.

I'm excited and thankful for the opportunity to begin again, with you all. Humbled by your love and solidarity.

December 28, 2012

Real fat, again.

Okay, time's up. I've got to get back to business. I've been trying since September. Well, actually I've been talking since September. A lot of talk, very little action.

I have gained about 30 pounds over the past year. None of my clothes fit. I'm very irritable. I don't feel good, period. The point has been proven that I can't just haphazardly address my diet and activity. There is a certain way that things must be done, certain boundaries that must be in place for me to stay healthy. If it took me gaining 30 lbs to know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, then so be it. I'm ready to return to the way of life that brought me so much joy!

I thought long and hard about whether or not I would go back to writing this blog regularly. It got to the point where I felt like there was nothing new for me to write about. Occasionally it is a really difficult thing to do. I tend to become obsessive with it, get my feelings hurt. I make a fool of myself (Do you know that when you "Google" my name about one million pictures of me standing in front of a mirror appear!? Ugh.) I wonder if I am missing something really big and everything I write about is folly.

But, in the end I decided that the blog is just a part of the deal for me. There are new things for me to be REAL about, I just gotta hang in here long enough to see what they are. And I will have to be okay with the possibility likelihood of futility.