December 30, 2012

News: I Cooked Something

These are the fabulous potatoes I made for lunch today. A pretty healthy (and easy!) way to get a fried potato fix. You boil some small potatoes (leave them whole) for about 30 minutes. The smallest ones worked best, between the size of a tennis ball and a ping pong ball. When a fork goes in easily, remove the potatoes and dry them off on a towel. Like this:

Then you put them on a pan lined with foil and parchment paper. I sprayed it with olive oil. Then flatten each potato with  a spatula to about 1/2 in. It's okay if they come apart some. I just formed them back into circles. Drizzle with olive oil and a liberal amount of salt and pepper. You could probably be more adventurous with the spices but I wanted simple. Bake at 450 for about 30 minutes until the tops and edges are golden and crispy. I served with tilapia and a salad. Justin said I outdid myself on lunch today. I said, "Yeah, simply by cooking something, I outdid myself." That's kind of sad. It has been awhile. But I'll take the compliment! It was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself.

I had an enjoyable trip to the market yesterday. The fridge got cleaned out and only healthy stuff is in there now. Whoo-hoo!

I found these pretty ceramic refrigerator/microwaveable storage bowls at Marshall's. I LOVE them! I hate the plastic storage containers because I always have lids that don't match containers and they just clutter everything up. Plus I think they are bad for you. And the earth. Anyway, I usually leave the leftovers in them forever and then when I finally clean out the fridge I end up tossing the containers rather than wash them. LAZY! But I will never throw these beauties away.

I feel like I'm getting the food part under control. Now for the motivation to get outside and exercise! It seems to be there but it is so dang cold! I got all dressed up, had earbuds and everything to go for a walk today and one step outside changed my mind. I am praying for some slightly warmer, less windier days this week so I can get moving while it seems somewhat appealing. (Yes, I could do some things inside but I don't like to.) Want to try jogging a mile 3 days. Maybe walk some other days. It's a start. I am dreaming of another half marathon...but mustn't get ahead of myself. We'll see what progress the week brings.

This photo kind of sums up our day. Loved it.

Weigh-in tomorrow.


FatGirl said...

That looks so yummy! Good luck on WI tomorrow :)

Can do mom said...


I've missed you, friend! So glad to see you're jumping back in the game. I tried commenting on your earlier post but don't think it went through so if I repeat myself, bear with me. All I said was that recriminations were pointless. Pick yourself up and start from where you are. This is YOUR life and you CAN do it. I promise.

Tomorrow is a big day. I go with my sister to her last chemotherapy session. She's got Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a rare and aggressive cancer that has rocked our world. I've been too busy (and now, sick with a cold) to exercise but am hoping to get back at it right along with you.

Hugs and prayers for you!


Anonymous said...
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Virginia said...

Hello Sweetie, I hope you manage to get out there and do some exercise. I love your photos at the bottom of your post simply magical. You can do this Keelie, one day at a time! The food you prepared looks fantastic and the new kitchen buys and fresh food a real motivator!

Traveling Light said...

Just as soon as I get the glucose under control, these potatoes will appear on my plate! How cool is it that I can get fried potatoes in a portion-controlled form. :D