January 7, 2014

Asking the Right Questions

NOT: How long is this going to take?
BUT: What have I learned so far?

NOT: Why is the scale so stupid? 
BUT: Why do I put so much emphasis on the scale?

NOT: How much more food can I eat today? 
BUT: What is my body telling me it needs? 

NOT: What are some healthier midnight snacks that I can have?
BUT: Why am I eating midnight snacks?

NOT: Why can't I be perfect?
BUT: Why do I want to be perfect?

NOT: Who is responsible for my being overweight?
BUT: What is my role in being overweight?

NOT: What is working for everyone else?
BUT: What works for me?

NOT: Why am I such a loser?
BUT: What factors caused me to give up in the past?

NOT: How much can I get away with?
BUT: What boundaries are helpful to me?

NOT: Why is it so easy for some people?
BUT: How is God using this difficulty to refine me?

NOT: Why do I have to struggle with this? 
BUT: Who else is struggling that I can encourage and possibly help?

NOT: Why does my family/friend sabotage me?
BUT: Why do I let them?

NOT: Why is exercise so boring and hard!? 
BUT: Am I using this amazing body God made to it's full capacity?

NOT: What are people thinking?
BUT: Why am I so concerned about what people think?

NOT: What if I quit? 
BUT: What if I keep going?

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