April 5, 2014

About that Bikini...

This morning I was thinking about a blog post I did a long time ago. I had been about 3 months into my journey and decided to do a video post about swimsuits. I confidently proclaimed that I would be wearing a two piece bathing suit that summer on a beach somewhere. Never would I wear one of those granny suits again, I promised.

Well here we are  about 4 years later and suffice it to say, granny suits aren't getting such a bad wrap from me these days. Am I where I wanted to be back then, right now? No. But that's honestly a wonderful thing. What if God just gave us everything we wanted right when we wanted it? Oh man.

In place of a two-piece body I have received some things I wouldn't have ever even dreamed of asking for.

A love for honesty and facing reality.
Desire to deal with conflict.
Experience in perseverance.
Acceptance of my body as God made it.
A truly free spirit that has almost stopped making plans of her own.
Understanding of why I weighed nearly 230 pounds (and it's not because "I just love food.")
Guidance on how to be really beautiful. (See 1 Pet.3)
Grace and compassion for others who suffer from addictions, bad habits & hurts.
A deeper relationship with Jesus.

Basically, I asked for scraps and God provided  a feast.



Adrienne said...

You're so positive. I admire that! Here I am almost 4 years later the same weight but still trying!

Liz said...

I'm so mad at blogger. I thought you'd quit blogging b/c on my blogroll it shows that you haven't posted in about a year. But I clicked over and oh-my-gracious! I have some catching up to do!

Can do mom said...

I was glad to find a recent blog post from you. Hope all is well. I am carrying on in my quest to get healthy and strong.
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Miss you and your inspiration. Praying all is well and REAL with you. Getting back on my track, the move to GA has about done me in, but now I know my REALity and am not letting this slump have me. Come back to us soon. ~Maria

Kimberlynn @ mindingmyway.blogspot.com said...

Hi Keelie...You may not remember me, but I'm an old follower. Just wanted you to know how much I've missed your posts. Hope all is going well with you!

Jae said...

Just found your blog and love, love, LOVE this post. It's powerful and empowering when we begin to love ourselves the way He does.
Blessed to read your journey.