March 26, 2012

When God Wants to Change History

There is much beauty to be seen and many things to be enjoyed in God's creation. But the filthy blanket of sin that covers it all can be suffocating at times. Sometimes when sin is rampantly on display in the world, I can feel a fire burning within me. That fire usually makes me want to fight. It makes me want to correct. It makes me want to yell and kick and scream until someone will listen to me. "This is the better way!"

Sometimes a fight is called for. Sometimes a stand must be taken. I do believe that. However, I fear that perhaps this fixation on the sin of "the world" can be a distraction to the calling God has placed on my life. I was stunned this morning by an observation made in Ray Stedman's commentary on the book of Exodus:

"When God wants to change history, he doesn't start with a battle. He starts with a baby."

Wow. The words stopped me dead in my tracks. In this instance, we were learning about Moses. Who was born under a death sentence, rescued by the providence of God and then used mightily to lead God's people. This is a beautiful picture of God's plan for the lives of each of his children, who are all born helpless babes.

These are my babes and today I was reminded that first and foremost, they are my cause.

Right here. My primary objective must be to teach these babies to hold dear the Gospel of Jesus. Who knows the plans in store for my little ones? Not me. All I know is that I have them right now. And time is of the essence.

Lord, may I never be too busy fighting, boycotting, laboring or standing firm, that I forget to walk with You. Because they need to see the walk more than they need to see the fight...They need to see YOU. I know they will see the sin-infested world, but will they see their sin-infested hearts? Will they know that they need you just as much as the nasty world needs you? Will they know how much I need you? Only if I tell them. Only if they see. Lord, open my mouth and open their eyes. Teach me to stay focused and engaged in the battle for their souls. Make me alert to satan's schemes to distract with the allure of doing "good things." You have made my charge crystal clear this morning, thank You. Amen.


Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

I can't say enough, I love the direction of this new blog. If I ever have children, Lord willing, I hope I can find this post. =)

Journaling Gina said...

Great post!

Kimberlynn said...

Amen sister! I've felt for a long time hat my children are my mission field. We may not be able to change the world, but we can sure make a difference by raising good and Godly children!

AJ @ trulylifeinwords - said...

I had similar thoughts this week being surrounded by children at different fun places. I checked my judgement thoughts put on a smile and began praying.

I love the started with a baby, I'll have to meditate on that for a while. Thank you.