April 5, 2012

April Flowers

I've always wanted to have a window box of flowers. Dreams really do come true! This one is right outside my kitchen sink window with a humming bird feeder hanging just above. Such a joy to look out that window! I just have to avoid looking down...into the sink full of dirty dishes. :)

We planted this "Show-off" rosebush last year and it did so well (AKA: it survived the chickens and the summer of  2011) that we planted another. Love them!

I've seen all the creative cutting and painting of tires to make planters. I guess this is the lazy version, but I still think it is pretty!

It's been fun planting things around the house. The extreme heat hasn't come yet, so we're still going outside to water. Maybe I will do better with tending all of this than in years past.

This is a sweet journal entry from Jonah:

Happy Easter!

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Kimberlynn said...

I've too have always wanted a window box of flowers. Yours are beautiful. Enjoy them while they last! It they were mine, they'd be dead in a week...ugh. No green thumb here:(