January 29, 2010


And no, I'm not talking about this kind. Sorry.

I'm talking about the kind that we affectionately refer to as:

  • love handles
  • back fat
  • muffin top
  • double chin
I have some interesting ones. (Warning: this post not for the faint of heart) I've always had a big one just below my belly button--the lower abdomen. It is in the shape of a large crescent roll. It has been small at some points in my life but could now be considered one of the "Grand" variety.

While this roll is not something I enjoy looking at in the mirror, it never bothered me too much until A.B. (After Births). Let's just say I had taken "roll symmetry" for granted.

Symmetrical roll=not pretty
Asymmetrical roll=downright UGLY

I have other asymmetrical rolls. I will spare you the details of those for today but what is up with that?

Anyway, I was laying in bed last night taking a quick inventory of all my rolls (everyone accounted for, unfortunately) when I felt something odd. It was kind of hard and protruding out just below my waist.

By George, It was a hip bone! Call in a team of archaeologists because this thing has been covered up for quite a while!!!

Well, I'm off to the the gym in hopes of unearthing some more long lost treasures of my body. I just wanted to share this "non-scale" victory.

What are yours today?


Kelly said...

I totally relate to this!
I was laying in bed the other night and sucked in my tummy as close to my spine as I could get it and I actually saw some rib bones!!! It's been quite awhile since I'd seen them!
It really is a great feeling to see your body start coming back!
Congrats on your 'non scale' victory! and keep up the hard work!

Jen said...

My goodness, we share the same rolls :) Congrats hugely on your victory, I found mine recently and boy, was I happy! I love making these discovers. The next I'd like to find is that the one above my knee is gone!!