November 14, 2010

Meet My Plan, Sara

This is the #2 part of the All In Holiday Challenge--The Plan. I'm calling my plan SARA.


What? So I like acronyms...


  • Specific plan for each event. Blog about each specific event before it happens. Events include but are not limited to: Mission Trip, Thanksgivings A and B, Holiday Cabin Getaway #1, anniversary overnight shopping trip, Cookie Baking Party, family Girl's Christmas Party, Christmas Eves A and B, Christmas Day, Holiday Cabin Getaway #2, and New Year's Eve. I have learned that anything that throws off my "routine" is going to make things hard on me...and it seems that my routine is about to be a non-routine for the next 6 weeks. By having a plan of attack for each out of the ordinary event/meal I am hoping to stop the madness before it ever happens. I want to treat each event as an individual.
  • Pre-Event routine: Eat an apple, drink at least one bottle of water, get gloss on and gum in.
  • Exercise before the event. Exercise EVERY DAY.
  • Carry my verses from previous Bible studies and a small list of motivations for sticking to my goals at all times. In moments of weakness, slip into bathroom and re-focus using said tools.
  • I'm sure I will think of more...

I plan to journal or blog about each event after it occurs. This will help make sure I am staying on track, evaluate which strategies are working and not working, and it will be a great way to acknowledge success and the feeling of success. I will also assess each day by recording food intake, exercise and spiritual activity in my Live It Tracker.

I really want to go to The Dallas Symphony Orchestra during the holidays...maybe for a mid-point reward. I would love to do a girl's weekend to Hot Springs if I reach my ultimate goal on January 1. Honestly, all the reward I am going to need is waking up in 2011 knowing that I did something I have never done before. I will feel great and that is going to be awesome. Can't wait!

I am committed to reaching my goal of weighing less than 172 pounds on January 1, 2010. I am accountable to all who read this blog, my First Place Group, myself and God. There is no reason that upon reliance of HIS strength I can not reach this goal. IN my strength--absolute failure, in His--Victory!

So that's my plan so far. It's a work in progress but I'm just glad I have one. I this point. Anyone else ready to tackle the All In Challenge? Details here...

P.S. Just in case anyone is really obsessive and wondering about my lack of a weekly weigh-in post this week...I have decided to start posting a monthly weigh-in. I will do it on the first Wednesday of every month.


Charbelle said...

This is all totally do-able!!! I love that you have so many people jumping on board, I just read thru all the comments, so awesome!!! I often send friends to your blog who are struggling with their own weight loss I tell them what an amazing inspirational encouragement you are!!!

Weightless said...

My real name is Sara - I totally think you're calling me out on this blog! lol You have a great plan!

99ToGo said...

I LOVE this plan of yours, and I'm so on board with it!

Kimberlynn said...

I love your plan!!! I've already been thinking out what mine will be. Count me in on the 'All In' challenge.

Anonymous said...

Keelie...thank you for sharing this wonderful idea "SARA" with us all.
I'm on new imaginary friend SARA, but I'll see her as you, the beautiful smiling red head encouraging friend, named Keelie...aka...SARA
This side of heaven you will never know just how encouraging you are to others like myself. God Bless

Katie said...

haha i'm totally in. I will be posting my SARA later today. I have 2 new good friends who are both names Sara, so I'll b reminded often about my goals!

Michele said...

I love this plan. I am stealing it to help me! Michele

Anonymous said...

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