November 4, 2010

Weigh In: Maintenance

172.5--Hey, I'll take it! I should not have gotten away with the very bad behavior that I exhibited over the past weekend. We went on a little getaway during which I abandoned everything that I have come to believe in, health-wise. I spent three days eating the worst crap imaginable, did no exercise and topped it off with the creme de la creme of my kids Halloween candy, aka: chocolate or "the good stuff."

When I returned from the weekend of chili, chips, burgers, dips, more chips, brownies, gravy, and many, many more chips, I knew it would not be pretty on the scale. Nevertheless, I did the Monday morning "step of shame." I was shocked to see a 177.5. That is 5 whole pounds in 5 days!

The punishment did not stop there. I have been SICK as a dog ever since we got back. Headaches, nausea, fatigue. I have not eaten like that, for that many days in a row, in nearly a year. So you can imagine the shock to my digestive system. Not fun. At all. :( The crazy thing is, this is how I used to eat all the time. My poor body! I can't believe what I put it through on a daily basis!

But I am glad this happened. It was a mini-scale example of what could happen if I let myself get out of control throughout the holiday season. The bottom line--IT'S. NOT. WORTH. IT. Period. The food is not worth it. It's just food, someone reminded me recently. For all the grief the abuse of food can and will cause, it's simply not worth it.

This was my fastest screw-up recovery to date. Immediately on Monday I got back on track eating-wise. Tuesday I got back on track with exercise and by today I weighed 172.5 again. The same as I did one week ago. Of course ideally I would not have screw-ups but while I'm still having them, as in: while I'm still human, my goal is to continue to improve on the speed of my recoveries.

This 2-day bounce back was quite a feat for me. It is so exciting to see the changes not only in my physical appearance but in how my mind works differently now and how my emotions take a back seat to reality. These are the changes that are going to matter most in the long run.

Speaking of long run...I have a marathon relay coming up in one month. I have to be able to run 5 MILES! 3 is the most I've done at one time. Yikes!


LauraLynne said...

I'm on vacation right now - in Las Vegas! I'm struggling to stick to my (food) abstinence and healthy eating. Really struggling with portion sizes and the COST of restaurants I'm not used to. I'm determined to do my best. I don't have a scale here so I don't have any way to measure my success - knowing that you came back with a vengence - that's music to my ears!!

Can do mom said...

Hey Keelie,
Sorry about the bump in falling off the wagon but WOW, how wonderful that you didn't let yourself use it as an excuse to keep eating that Halloween candy, not exercise, etc.

Life is not a dress rehearsal and I'm proud of you that you were able to pick yourself back up and get moving in the right direction again. Good for you!

You're right in that the real victory lies with what's going on in between your ears. The way you think has changed and that's crucial to long-term success in taking care of yourself.

Good luck on your five mile run. I remember when I was training to run a half marathon (many years ago!) and I was nervous because I'd gotten behind in my training schedule. A friend was a big runner and he told me that if you were able to comfortably run half the distance of your race you should be fine. In my case, I was so I think that you should be okay in a month if you keep training. If you have to walk it won't be the end of the world either!

Keep up the good work!

Charbelle said...

I was thinking before I clicked on your post that you always inspire and encourage me!!! It's so awesome to hear that you didn't let this defeat you but rather just moved on from it and took the lesson with you!!!

Pamela E. Williams said...

You bounced back really quick. I need to learn your secrets. You look awesome. Good luck with the marathon.

Christy said...

Way to get back on track quickly! I have fallen off the eating healthy bandwagon a little bit, and I can tell my dip in energy and how crappy I feel. I've got to remind myself of what you just said -- food is just food!

Patrick said...

The food is not worth it! I like that, need to say that to myself each time I consider eating that which i know I should NOT eat. I am worth not eating it.

Hope you areover yoour illness bout, if not, soon.

Hats off to you for the great bounce back!

Kelly said...

as humans, we live and learn! :)
Yay for getting right back on the horse! and You'll do great with 5 miles! Best wishes!

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

true story: i majorly pigged out all weekend, got on the scale, up seven, and now i'm sick with a head cold, aches, fatigue, etc.

i'm taking a cue from you, here.
and congrats on maintenance! i think it's worth congratulating.

Rosa said...

Agreed, wholeheartedly! You will rock the next weigh in. You are strong and determined. Continued success!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Keelie,
I have done this exact thing and felt HORRIBLE the next day after eating all that crap. Most of the time it is not even close to being worth the misery. Meaning the food wasn't that tasty. I mean really???
A gourmet meal in a five star restaurant and then maybe. Most people do not even realize how much better they will feel by not eating all of that nasty fattening food.

Hooray for bouncing back!
~Melissa :)

Michelle said...

Woohoo! Nice job!

You can totally do 5 miles. Completely!

Patrick said...

Good morning - I tagged you today, have fun!

Michele said...

Bad weekend, but good reflections.
That is why blogging is so good. Keeps us accountable. Have a better week end! Michele

BEE said...

ouch 5 pounds
run them off anf fast dont be like me and gain 20 pounds in a month

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

You are always a great sport no matter what! But you know exactly what it takes. Stay positive...even when there are those slip up days!

BEE said...

tag your it for the questions game

99ToGo said...

I think I could use that tatoo'd to my forehead. Or my hand. "It's JUST FOOD!!"

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Congrats on bouncing back!!! I have noticed lately when I decide to treat myself to old meals they don't taste as good as they used to and I'm left unsatisfied. This is a good thing I just wish I'd REMEMBER each time I feel I need some fries that I'd enjoy a baked potato better.