November 29, 2010

Progress Report

Thanksgiving: B+

I did pretty good on Thursday. I drank a lot of coffee in the morning. I drank an equal amount of water before the big meal. I chewed gum as I prepared food and waited to eat. I ate turkey and a small spoonful of 3 different casseroles plus gravy. It was just enough. I was not stuffed. I did not have dessert. We then moved on to a second meal. As I was loading my food up for this meal I had a bite of a chocolate brownie. I had another large coffee but did not eat anything at the meal. I was not hungry and decided that I had enough calories for the day with the meal I ate at noon. I went to bed feeling great. I give myself a "B" for not exercising, and only eating one meal.

Weekend at Cabin: D-

I have had much worse experiences with staying on track at the cabin in the past, but I am very disappointed with how I did at this point in the game. I continued to not exercise all weekend, which at the time seems like I am doing something nice for myself, but in reality I feel SO much better when I exercise. I don't know when this is really going to SINK IN. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted in moderation. WHAT!? My plan is not to eat whatever I want in moderation through the holidays. It is to stick relentlessly to my FP4H eating plan. My plan is to do my plan. I did not do my plan at the cabin. I kind-of tried and that is the only reason I am not giving myself an F.


All is not lost. I now know that I can successfully make it through a major holiday with two family meals and not go overboard. I know that I need to work on a couple of things:

1. Exercising EVERYDAY. I have to do this everyday. I will tweet and facebook it when I do. I just figured out how to link my facebook and twitter accounts so please follow along on either.

2. Using my tracker. I have not used my tracker in two weeks. The scale is showing it.

So far I am not really where I wanted to be, but I still have confidence that I can reach my goal by New Year's. I am not glad that I haven't exercised and I do not feel good about the way I've been eating so I will think about that when I need to make a decision to do the "next right thing." Pressing on...


Sandy said...

Keelie, you look beautiful! You are doing great! I know you are going to reach your goal. Love you!

Raegun said...

Oh Keelie....I can totally relate and I don't even have Thanksgiving to blame (it was a month ago in Canada!). It looks like we have the same "to do" list. I just wrote a great post about the need to keep on pushin' on. Feel free to stop by for a pick me up.

Michele said...

Not too bad for the big weekend. Sounds like you have a good to rekindle the exercise.

Christine said...

I too am exercising every day. I have to. It's what keeps me focused. Good luck in the next week.

AJ said...

Congrats surviving your first Focus on Eating holiday after your decision to allow God to change you. This year I am really thankful that He has changed me. I didn't resent not eating what I want. I chose to eat what I really liked and skipped the rest. I'm about 3 years into choosing health and this was the easiest time. I am so grateful for my God and the changes he made in me, because this isn't my natural ways.

jessey said...

I hear you. I was good on actual Thanksgiving. It was after that, not so good. But good for just moving on!