April 13, 2011

Pressing On

"Creak. Crack! Pop. Ouch! Ugh." This was the sound symphony that could be heard as I walked from my bed the bathroom this morning. The reason? I have not run since sometime last week. I think it was the time I ran EIGHT miles. Ugh.

Not that anyone wants to hear my excuses but...after I ran the eight miles I then worked outside our house doing landscaping (not just planting little flowers but digging up mammoth bushes kind-of landscaping), painting the exterior of our house and stuff like that for two whole days. Somewhere in the middle of that a kid got sick or something (its all a blur now) and our sleep pattern got flip flopped. Well, theirs did but mine didn't which= me no sleep for a couple days.

So all of that led me to the brink of exhaustion which I was extremely aware of. So I took a day off from running. Which was wise. But then another day off and another and another... Didn't I just write about this slippery slope? Anyway, I went an entire week without running. But I kept eating like I was burning nearly 1000 calories per day.

*sad face* :(

But-- I went to my meeting today. I weighed-in. I faced the music. I can't even remember what it said; I think I gained about 3 or 4 pounds. But that was that. I didn't dwell on it more than a few seconds. I got my pick-me-up from my sweet friends and here I am writing to you in an emotionally stable state. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. The past has no control over me. It can influence me and it can teach me but it CAN NOT control me.

Instead I will celebrate the fact that I am now so "in shape" that it hurts me to not workout instead of the other way around! 5 miles tomorrow, 13 miles on May 1!


Can do mom said...

I know all about the slippery slope. I am just beginning to feel normal after having a horrible cold for two long weeks. Ugh! I'm beginning to exercise again but I can feel my exercise "vacation".

Life is like that sometimes. You don't plan on taking a break but stuff happens.

Get back at it and you'll be in your healthy routine in no time.


JadeAmber said...

Thanks for the slippery slope comments. I'm just now pulling myself back up the sides of my recent hole and I needed the reminder.

Deb Willbefree said...

It's hard when life doesn't read the fine print of our weight-loss plans. :}

You've got this thing.


Dee said...

I'm so glad that you're not letting the small set back get to you. You've come so far, so keep on pushing!!!


momof3girls said...

Good for you! Wow 8 miles I am impressed!

Bonnie said...

Hmmm...."A New Beginning," anyone? Yes, please!

Dana said...

I think that we've all slipped down that slope! Way to get right back up!

Kelly said...

Go get it girl !

LeFebvre Momma said...

I have noticed that same difference - but in my attitude. I tend to become very depressed when I am not working out consistently! Crazy.

Keep up the good work - our something extra is done today! I hope that it helped - sorry that I seemed to fall off the planet lately - having no internet at home is really hard! Keep on reaching for the goal!