August 16, 2012

It's Complicated

"People make things complicated because they do not want to do them. Stop complicating things and just do them."


I read that somewhere this week (for the life of me can't remember who or where it came from) and it was a gut punch. Yes! Just do things. If I spent one tenth of the time actually doing the things I think about, analyze, debate, research, etc. I might just be king of the world....

But honestly, that's easier said than done. I could just vow that I am going to start, right now, never again analyzing or hashing out or going back and forth on stuff. But I'm not going to make that vow because that would be silly.

What is more reasonable is to think about all of the things that are hanging in the balance in my life right now and pick one of them to just put to rest. Quietly and without analysis. Almost without thinking about it. I can do that with one thing. One thing is a start and it's more than no things. It will be a little less talk and a little more action.

It could be anything: a relationship that needs mending, a directive that needs to be followed, a decision that needs to be made, a job that needs to be done, a mile that needs to be run...

I can make it complicated, or I can just do it.

I think what it's going to be tomorrow is to go check out a gym I've been considering "checking out" for weeks. I have been thinking about going in there for a look around. But I keep going back and forth, pros and cons, wishy-washy. Why don't I just go in there and make a decision?

Because then I will actually have to do something.


I believe this is what they call procrastination. Can anyone else relate?



AJ @ trulylifeinwords - said...

Really, why did you post this? Now I'll have to do something I've put off, going back and forth if spending money at a gym is worth it.

Thank you!

Meghan said...

I read this post last night and was inspired. I put it to practice this morning. I have company coming in late this evening and of course have a million things to do. I thought about going to the gym when I got up but was distracted will all I need to get done. I stopped dead in my tracks and remembered this post. I put on my shoes and went. 30 minutes out of 8 hours to get ready for company? Totally doable. I'm already back at the house and finished with the workout...and I'm on the computer! I would still be sitting here without the workout complete had it not been for your post!


Kelly said...

I absolutely relate!

I hope you go check it out and it speaks to you :)
And if you do join, I highly recommend checking out the classes offered, because it's funner to workout with people and possibly find an accountability partner there :)

Best wishes Keelie!!!

Casey said...

I just mentioned you in my latest blog post, Keelie, and I wanted to let you know how you have inspired me to make some desicions today!