February 28, 2011

What Do You Do?

What do you do when...

You feel like eating really bad food and the craving won't go away?
Sometimes I give into the craving. I do it a lot more now than I used to. {I am losing a lot less weight now than I used to.} I also have to take into consideration how often I am giving in to the cravings. If I just gave in to a pizza craving last night, I know I can't give into an ice cream craving tonight. I rest in knowing that occasionally I am able to enjoy indulgent treats. Sometimes just going to sleep takes care of the craving, though.

You gave it your all and the scale didn't reflect it?
I try to stay objective. I try to remember that it always evens out in the long run. I try to remember that the scale does not have the ultimate say about my health and well-being. I try to focus on what I did right and I try to press on. Notice I used the word 'try' a lot. Sometimes I just have a pity party. But I always move on.

Your legs feel like dead weight when you are running?
I focus on something else. I try to come up with blog posts while I am running. I have taken prayer requests before. Once my phone died and I had no music. So I prayed for every single person that I know (It seemed like) out loud while running down the highway. I have a great play list and each song has a special message that I can focus on while I am running. Sometimes, no matter what, it still hurts and it's hard. Everyone would be doing it if that weren't the case.

Your efforts are not being noticed by others?
For people who have quite a bit to lose, like I did, it can take up to 30 pounds or so for others to really notice. I have always been a fan of taking pictures so even when others weren't noticing, I had the confirmation of my pictures to assure me that things were definitely changing. Once you have lost a lot and the weekly losses begin to taper off, people quit noticing as much. The compliments are fewer and further between. Even though that hasn't necessarily been the driving force in my weight loss, you do get used to hearing the remarks and the positive feedback. It can leave you wondering if it is worth going on if no one notices. Well, it is.

You have no motivation
First, I pray for my motivation to come back. I depend heavily on a steady supply of God's grace for my motivation. There is not an ounce of me that likes exercise. I am convinced that's Jesus in me who likes the running from time to time. I also read blogs and look back at my old posts. I go shopping :) I focus on where I've been and where I am now. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I don't do the things I know I need to. I wait for the motivation to come back and try not to fall completely off the wagon in the meantime. The motivation alway returns, eventually. Just remember: the motivation will return!

You don't feel like exercising?
Oh boy. Let's see, there is this tennis shoe company...they have a saying....it goes along with a little swoosh logo. Hmm....what is that they say? Oh, yeah. JUST DO IT.

You gain weight?
Tough one. I am on a mission to lose weight and yet, I gain? I know there are people who have had different experiences, but honestly I've never had a mystery gain. I can always pinpoint the reason for a gain. I have had plenty of "up weeks" in the past year and the only thing you really can do is just build a big 'ol bridge. I remember the very first time I had to post a gain for a weekly weigh-in on the blog. I didn't like it. I never like it when I gain. I think as long as you have a healthy dislike for gaining it will be okay.

You have to eat out a lot?
I come up with a plan and stick to it. I don't allow my mind to wander. I don't think about all the food on the menu. I am not afraid to ask for child's portions and give special instructions (no butter, dressing on the side, sub veggies for potatoes, etc.) Most importantly I am prepared for unexpected results on the scale. No matter how "good" I am when eating out, especially if it is a lot in a short amount of time like when I'm on a trip, I know that if anyone other than me is preparing my food I forfeit the benefit of knowing exactly, 100% what I am eating.

You are in the middle of a binge and you wish you hadn't started?
I stop. I spit food out, I throw entire cartons of ice cream and pans of cake away. I toss chips and pour water into casseroles. I embrace the idea that half a binge is better than a whole binge. I look at myself in the mirror and see the food smeared on my face and my jaws moving at warp speed. I stop. In dealing with this very irrational disorder I know that any moment of rationality has to be grasped. If there is a small window of clarity--JUMP! I have never regretted cutting a binge short.

You have to cook for people who don't like healthy food?
Sometimes I just make the healthy food and hope they like it. If they don't I think, "oh well, I just added a day to your life." :) Sometimes I make the unhealthy food for them and the healthy food for me. Sometimes I eat the unhealthy food too. I just do the last one less than the other two. Most important--I quit letting this be an excuse not to take responsibility for my own well-being.

You totally blow an entire day?
Ah, well. You know, worse things could happen. I could be dead. I could be starving. I could be living in a war zone...I don't dwell on it. I just briefly wish it didn't happen and then I move on. I try not to let it happen again for a while. I remember that one day doesn't matter as much as a whole bunch of days so I try my best to make the most of most of my days.

You want to quit?
I can't quit. It's not even a thought that enters my mind. What am I going to do? Go back to eating bacon burgers and doing steady intervals of sleeping and watching TV!? That's not living. That's dying a very slow, sad, empty death. I know in my "knowing place" that this is life for me. Forever and always; for better or worse. Quitting is off the table.


Heather Friddle said...

I so know how you feel!!! I feel like you are my twin.....lol....all the way down to what we order at Chick-Fil-a....:) While reading this post my husband offered me a piece of Buttermilk pie!!! I was like "No" and told him that I was reading about you......So just reading about you and your struggles helped me turn down junk......Thanks!!!! (you have no idea how many people you inspire with your blog) :) :) :)

Jeannette said...

I'm just starting my weight loss and I needed to know I wasn't alone. I am so glad to have read this post. Thank you so much!

Angela said...

I love this post! Its great! So informative, thank you so much!

Ashley said...

I love reading your blog. It is so inspiring. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Loved this. Honesty is so refreshing and the tips aren't too shabby, either! :D Deb

Christine said...

love this great post.
I too spit it out if I am in the middle and know I shouldn't be doing it.

Casey said...

Thanks for another great post!
You are a great source of inspiration and great ideas (like putting water into the casserole!!)
I love reading your posts, so thanks for writing them!

TexaGermaNadian said...

LOok at you go! Congrats on your success :) I hopped over from Texas Blogging Gals, just had to check out your cute site! Hope you have a great one!

Pretty Pauline said...

Totally great stuff here! I need to learn to STOP giving into the craving. :(

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

You look really good! keep it up!!


Something About Kellie said...

Great answers :)

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I just emailed you - and this is awesome! So many great words of advice! Thank you girl!

momof3girls said...

Thanks for addressing all these challenges! I loved, loved your idea about taking pics so before others appreciate or even notice your hard work, you have a record of it! Thanks -I love blog!