May 4, 2010

Addiction & Diversion: An Experiement

Can a food addict overcome a temptation by diverting thoughts and attention away from said temptation?

Creating a diversion for one's self has been cited in numerous publications and WW meetings as one of the best ways to overcome temptation.

I predict that given an equally enticing activity I will be able to overcome food temptation.

This experiment happened much by chance. Of course there is a pretty decent...okay 100% chance that I will be faced with multiple food temptations on any given day. Yesterday was no different.

After a doctors appointment, on my way home I was overcome by the desire to enter Target solely for the purpose of purchasing and subsequently consuming a Snickers Fudge Bar. (If you don't know about these, don't try to find out.) Shifting into addict mode, my will to avoid temptation completely shut down and the brain shifted to hunter-mode. Must. Eat. Snickers.

Upon entering the store a familiar smell consumed me. The smell of clothes. In that instant I was placed at a divine crossroads. With $60 eagerly burning a hole in my pocket, I realized that a purchase of clothing could be made instead of the much desired bar of evilness. I began walking away from the food and toward the garments. I went on to have a fine time in the dressing room trying on jeans, dresses and sleeveless tops. I selected 2 items for purchase and left the store minus the guilt and chocolate.

This food addict CAN avoid food temptations by use of a diversion.

Most effective diversion is another potential addiction. Not good.


Kate said...

When I'd been sober for about 3 months, I started shopping like a mad woman. I remember calling my sponsor from the store and saying, "I don't need anything. I don't know why I'm doing this!" And she laughed. Because yes, the BEST diversion is another obsession. Sigh. In my experience, I am powerless over my addiction and only God has the power to remove it from me.

TJ said...

I shop when I am bored. I go in with a list (baggies, toilet paper) and leave with $95.00 worth of crap I didn't need. lol

Lynda with a Y said...

Too funny. I'm sure they are nice little garments in your new, smaller size. So you need them, right?

Jen said...

Boy Keelie, seriously, do we have some sort of weird brain meld happening??? Yesterday, I wanted BAD, BAD stuff... so instead of going and getting it, I veered across the strip mall (safely of course, haha) and into Reitmans and bought new pants. In size 15 to remind myself that NOT eating that stuff is why I CAN buy a size 15. I think that is a healthier addiction (my husband and bank acct don't like it so much but...)

Crystal said...

i wish i were one of those people whose diversion is some sort of exercise! but for right now, i'm with ya - spending money on myself will have to do :)

Kathy said...

Just wanted to let you know it's been a while since I've been on your blog but wanted to tell you that you look fantastic. Keep up the good work!!!

Deb Willbefree said...

Good for you! I think it's amazing that you didn't come out of there with the clothes AND the Snickers! Wahoo!

I know you were joking about the shopping addiction, but here's an unsolicited public service announcement anyway: Shopping doesn't have to get out of control, if you nip it in the bud with some rules. Like only use cash. No cash; no clothes. And you can't use the cash UNLESS your bills are paid.

If you use a credit card, pay it off every month. Can't? Then don't use it.

See. simple. :D


Tiff said...

An interesting experiment for sure- for me I picture how I'll feel in a year from now if I follow through on my plan- that outcome is enticing enough for me to continue on my plan.

Tara said...

I am also in First Place and found your blog today. I went back and read the whole thing. I do have a question if you don't mind me asking, Did you go full force with the food plan when you started? I seem to get going and then stop and I am not sure why. I got a lot out of reading your blog and will continue to do so. Love your before and "during weight loss" photos - I think I might do that too.

Physicallee Fit said...

Personally, it's the smell of shoes. Oh and the fact that my mother trained to buy shoes whenever I found a pair I liked in my size (size 12).

But I like your diversion idea. I've been using a different version of it to get me out of a slump. When I'm discouraged, I think about something that I want to do when I'm thin.

Then again, buying shoes or clothes sounds just so much more fun!

Vaia said...

I'd take new clothes over a Snickers bar anyday!! But I have been there before and was not always as successful at diverting myself away from the temptation. Great job!!

Keelie said...

Hey Tara--I couldn't figure out how to get in touch with you so I hope you are back here reading.

To answer your question, yes I did begin eating that way right off and in full force. Each week I was losing big (for me) numbers so that fueled the fire for me to keep going and sticking closely to the plan. Now, after almost 4 months of eating like this it just seems NORMAL. And it really is normal. it is the way we were designed to live.

You can do it! Once you feel like getting off track but are able to push through and stick to it, you will realize that you can do this. Belive me--if I can you can;)