May 21, 2010

It's Like Patriotism

I recently watched part of a special series on the History Channel called America: The Story of Us. All I can say is, WOW! Our story is nothing short of miraculous. Too bad I had to be 30 and suffering from insomnia before I was forced into learning about the history of our country. Sad.

I seriously learned more in a couple of hours watching that show than I did in 8 years of high school and college history combined. I am SO sorry if you were one of my history teachers. It was me, not you. Promise.

It's all good. I am pretty much an expert at American history now. I could not overlook the application our forefathers provided for me in my current fight for freedom. Now, in one of my corniest posts ever, I would like to discuss how losing weight is like being a patriot.

It takes COURAGE.
Oh, the courage it must have taken early explorers and settlers to venture out into unknown territory! To fight the battles that had to be fought. To live in unimaginable conditions just for the dream of what could be. It takes courage to live differently. It takes courage to walk into a meeting for the first time. It takes even more courage to walk into a meeting when you know you have gained 5 pounds that week. It takes courage to admit that there is a problem. It takes courage to put down that cookie we just KNOW will solve all our problems. But we do it...for the dream of what could be.

During the American Revolution the men who were fighting against the British were farmers, metal workers, hunters...they were not soldiers. In the beginning the battles seemed insurmountable as small groups of men would face hundreds or thousands of armed Red Coats in their formal tactics of war. It didn't take long for us to realize that what we were doing wasn't working. Soon we rewrote the rules of war to create an advantage. American soldiers hid in the backwoods which they knew so well and used the element of surprise to turn the tide of the war and ultimately kick some major British booty. We must be willing to change what is not working. We must be willing to change our way of life. We can use the element of surprise by changing up food plans and exercise routines to shock our bodies into getting smaller. We can rewrite the rules of our life and ultimately shrink some major chunky booty. One of the very best quotes throughout the whole show was this: "We almost always have to give up something great in order to gain something greater." Change. It's a good thing.

After 9/11, most of the world looked at America to see what would happen as the financial heart of our country was demolished. What they saw in the days to follow was nothing that hadn't happened before in this country. The people rallied together, cleaned up the mess, and stood united. In many ways, America was stronger than ever before. When we fall off the food wagon, we have a choice. We can stay down and wallow in our mess or we can get up, dust ourselves off and forgive whatever needs forgiving (usually us). This get-back-up-again spirit is crucial to success. Successful losers are resilient and stronger because of what they have overcome.

When you read (or watch) the history of our nation, something that stands out is that we never quit. Through epidemics, oppression, wars, depressions, assassination, terrorist attacks and more, America continues on. Nothing stops our country. Taking care of our bodies requires a relentless drive to keep going. Bad things may happen in life. Holidays will always come. The going may get tough. We have to decide what it is that we want to make of our life and go for it--never stopping. Ever! This is a fight that has to keep going forever. Our ENTIRE lives.

It takes FAITH.
I really believe this. Our country was founded so that everyone could be free to have faith in whatever they choose. There was always something bigger, something more powerful than man that helped this nation along. Those inalienable rights that were given to us all were with us from creation. For me, faith is paramount to all of the things I have listed so far. If not for God, I would still be wallowing in oppression, a slave to food. I would have no drive to be all that I can be. I would have nothing guiding me. I would have no Power to overcome.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

In the spirit of patriotism and America--we can do this!


p.s. I told you it would be corny.
p.p.s. You simply must DVR this series on the History Channel. Fab!


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

not corny at all, Keelie; very true. and very american. i love it and BELIEVE it!

karen said...

It's rare that a blog post gives me goosebumps but this one did just that!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I watched this too - My boyfriend started DVRing it and at first I was like. Meh, I like history it's important n' junk. Half way through the 2nd episode I was totally hooked and anxious for the next time it aired.

I love all of this you've blogged! ox

Flabby McGee said...

This was totally awesome. My husband and I wanted to watch that series, but missed it. He was in the Marines, and was about done when 9/11 happened. He had to stay longer b/c of 9/11. So anything remotely patriotic we can identify with. This was so very, very true!! Every word, and it gave me inspiration for days to come. Thanks for such a unique perspective!!

cmoursler said...

I love this post and I love our country. I do this all the time, find parallels between history..particularly wars, and our weight loss battles. Good post.

Lindsay said...

Wow, I loved this post!!! I am going to have to DVR it. Thanks :)

Traci said...

I love this post. Not corny at all. It soooo applies. It's funny how I can be watching something on the history channel and just get sucked in. :)

Brandy said...

I definitely need to watch that series I saw a part of one and it was pretty neat. I think you hit the nail on the head about our journal with weight loss!