October 10, 2010

Roller Coaster! I Want Off

I feel like I am on a roller coaster. Several days ago I was posting about how I felt like I was "back." Then I had a week of gaining. So then I started thinking how lame it was that I said I was "back." Then I thought--Who cares? You ARE back! Then I again felt lame for even using the term "I'm back," like I'm a terminator or something.

I don't know people. I just don't know. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. In. My. Life.

Giving up is nowhere in the vicinity, but I am at a point now where I have decided something has to change or I risk going insane. (Not really!) (Okay, maybe.) The only thing I am not open to changing is my eating plan. I believe in my eating plan 100% as far as the actual types of foods being important for my overall health. I believe that I need some of all that God created including fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains, milk, and healthy oils. I will not leave any of these things out.

Here are few things I have thought about changing:

1) Amount food and/or calories. I am at 1500-1600 calories right now. This seems like a lot but I never really worried about it because I was consistently losing in the beginning. But now??

2) Amount of exercise. Ugh. I know I need to up my exercise. I fear burn-out. I am at about 30 minutes per day right now. An hour of exercise per day is probably the best solution for my plateau but I don't want to get so sick of exercise and then start slacking off. An hour seems sooooooooooo long. I know, suck it up, right?

3) Cut out salt. A while back I said that once I got to a plateau I would cut out salt. Well, I haven't. I eat ALOT of salt because it makes up for the lack of fat and other flavors missing from "healthier" foods. It's kind of like my saving grace. But I know it's bad for me. What do they call it--the silent killer?! What if salt is my culprit?

So there are a few ideas I've had. I know you, my blog buddies, will have suggestions to weigh in with as well. So let 'er rip! I'm ready to finish this thing up and head to the house, if you know what I mean.

Before I go--Mamma needs to brag. Here are my babies at the Pumpkin Patch this weekend.



cmoursler said...

You don't have to do an hour EVERY day..maybe just cap your cals at 1500 and do 3 days at an hour. I find it keeps me from being blah about it.
Hang in there.

Anonymous said...


You are doing this and you are back, because you are thinking about what needs to change. I've hit a plateau myself (after losing about 30 pounds over the summer) so I am figuring out what needs to change as well.

1. SALT--Salt makes your body retain water, which can be responsible for the slight gains, so maybe substitute some dried or fresh herbs in place of salt. You can make your food tasty.

2. EXERCISE--Maybe in addition to your 30 minutes a day, take the kids out the yard and chase them around for an additional 15 minutes.

Just some thoughts. I am confident you'll find the right plan for you.


Kimberlynn said...

Hi Keelie,
I'm new to your blog, so I may be missing some information about what you're doing...so please forgive me if I'm off base with anything I say.

First of all, you look beautiful and have obviously been doing something right. I feel the same way you do with needing to eat a little of all the foods God has made. I do Weight Watchers and one thing I've learned is that as we lose the weight and get closer to our goal (which you obviously are) it get's harder. With every ten pounds of weight loss, we drop another point in how much we can eat. So calories are adjusted on a farely regular basis. I've also talked to others who've hit goal on the program and they've all said they had to really up the exercise at the end.

All this to say...just go for it!!! You CAN do this...whatever it takes!!!



Michelle said...

I know what you mean about an hour being soooo long!! I burn out quickly at that point. If I'm trying to get an hour in, I try to do different things to make up that hour. Or even start by increasing each day by 5 - 10 minutes and on day when you actually have the time for a longer workout, sneak in a little extra. I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. UGH!

Having just discovered an exercise class at the gym that I love, I'm going to make Wed & Sat longer exercise days by doing the Barbell class and then doing the treadmill. Hoping that will give me the boost I need!

Keep it up, you've done so amazing!


dailyseeking said...

I think you look great! I'm right there with you though, I skip 2 days of exercise and my pants are snug??? So it has to be something I'm doing--I think mine is carbs! I love them, next week I bought some greek yogurt to give that a try.

Molly said...

What about just moving more? I follow another blog and she has a pedometer and she has increased her movement . Parking a little farther away, taking an extra lap around walmart, playing with the kids - does that make sense? I'm also doing WW - and maybe you do need to drop the calories but how many?? I don't know. You are back! I love to follow your progress & your stumbles. It really helps me & makes me feel normal;)

Andrea said...

I'm not really one to give advice ( as I should take my own advice!) but I know weight training and resistance training, alternated with cardio days, is supposed to be wicked to boost your system.

Molly said...

Hey what about Jillian Michael's 30 Day shred. Shake up the routine - she does cardio, strength & abs in 20 minutes. It is a killer but doable! I just had my Sunday nap & ha e been thinking!

99ToGo said...

You've gotten some great suggestions so far, and I may be just re-stating some of it ;)

Upping your exercise time a few days a week sounds reasonable to me. Do you belong to a gym where you could go to an interval or cardio class that lasts an hour. Those are do-able to me, where walking/jogging on a treadmill or other equipment is SO boring for that amount of time.

Your calories probably should have dropped as you've lost weight (without adding extra exercise). My Tap n Track App has automatically dropped my target calories as I've lost weight. The thinking being that it takes less energy for me to move my lighter body around. So, I'm guessing dropping some calories (maybe try 100 few for a couple of weeks?) would help.

Plateaus are a real stinker. Here's to you leaping off to the other side!

Princess Dieter said...

Instead of doing an hour, do a "different" half hour. Do a totally different exercise to surprise your body. :)

And I think you need to realize that you are very close to "normal" weight. It does get harder to lose (especially for former obese people) as you get closer to the normal or ideal weight number. You simply need fewer calories so to lose at the same caloric level it will be 1. slower losing it or it will be 2. near maintenance.

Just maybe accept a slower loss rate. Or only cut it marginally, so you don't risk being too hungry.

I do think changing up the exercise to something totally novel (or only adding another 10 minutes at first). Just to see what happens.

I wish you luck. I totally understand the best intentions of "I'm back." But change is hard and soemtimes where our desires are don't match up with actions precisely.

You look beautiful, and your children are gorgeous.

AJ said...

Since you asked. Eliminate your doubt (and we know who sends doubt). You are not letting anyone down by stating you're back and not losing this week. You will find what will work and you will do the changes needed and you ARE redefining yourself! God IS redefining you.

I agree with the other comments. You don't need an hour everyday. I can't remember if you do intervals already, but burst training is a great way to get the best impact in shorter amount of time.

You've inspired me. I am within 10 pounds of goal, but didn't feel that healthy. Now I'm focusing on getting all the good food choices in. I know a real change will happen when I replace my bad habits, not just push pause on doing them.

Keep climbing, the view from the top is worth it.

Sam said...

So lately I am feeling like the black sheep in the weight loss blogging sphere. But here it is. Read Inutitive Eating. That's all I'm going to say - as I have illciated some mean comments from people, and although I know you would never do that... I'm feeling a little timid. But if you've been reading my blog, then you know this is where my heart is right now and I LOVE it!

What ever you decide, I totally agree with A.J.! You are BEAUTIFUL and should not be feeling shame for being human. Be kind to your self and let God do his thing! We don't always end up the way we think we should, but if we let him drive, we'll never be dissapointed. But I know you know that! :D

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Great choices... I would add those same things for myself... but probably add drinking lots of water to the list as well. :)


Gina said...

You can also try using seasonings of the Ms. Dash variety. Low in sodium, but tons of flavor. We use them all of the time. Less sodium will help you to not be bloated, which is great for a "temporary" weigh loss, but most important as you mentioned is what it's doing on the inside of your body. Good Luck!

Kate said...

Everything I've read states that weight and resistance training busts you through the plateaus.

Not that I'm doing it or anything.

Wait! I can do 4 push ups now, instead of 1!

Can do mom said...


You've gotten a lot of good ideas. I really enjoy reading your blog because of your honesty in your weightloss challenge.

If you're plateauing you DO need to change things up. You've been stuck for a while so I'd say your present plan isn't working so well. (At least not for losing weight.) Looks like your activity level and caloric intake are fine for maintaining but not losing.

Obviously you want to lose more weight so something's got to change. I agree that salt plays a part in weight loss. I love salty popcorn but usually am up a pound after I eat a big bowl the night before. I'd watch the salt - maybe not eliminating it but cutting way back.

My weight came off easier in the summer when I had the time to walk a 4.7 mile loop with my sister every morning. I'd put in an hour a day when you can. Try to find a friend to work out with, it definitely makes a difference for me when I know my sister will be knocking on my door if I'm not out there!

I haven't gotten into weights yet but I know I need to. Everything I've read about it says they are revolutionary in reshaping and strengthening our bodies.

I know you want to eat a variety of foods but cutting back on carbs and sugar will help the weight come off faster. I'm not big into eliminating entire food groups but I feel so much better since I've cut back on sugar.

There you have it - take or leave it as you see fit. I mean to encourage you and hope you feel it when you read all these posts from your blogger pals.

Charbelle said...

Ok while salt is bad for you let me caution you, when you work out you lose a lot of salt and you have to be really really careful not to flush your body of too much salt. At this point you have come so so far and it now becomes harder, as much as you don't want to hear that.
Is there a way your insurance might cover a dietitian visit? I know that I was able to have a visit covered because it's part of the live healthy initiative with BCBSNC. Do you have any friends who are trainers? The interval training which I've mentioned before but haven't researched further is supposed to be excellent. Really at this point if possible it might be helpful to go to experts who know and can direct you.
I use sparkpeople.com, this is an online community and they have people on staff to answer questions and I love the message boards.
You really ROCK and you are an inspiration!!! Keep on keeping on!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for posting even when you're struggling. I've only lost 20 pounds at this point, but I feel the same way; it's up and down right now. I follow you on facebook and enjoy your updates. It's always motivational for me!

Melissa Miller said...

Keelie I understand the salt thing. I love it too. Cut back as much as you can on it and increase your water and you will see a difference. Use fresh lemon juice, ground pepper and Mrs Dash instead.

Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)

PS Adorable jacket. You look pretty.

ConstanceB. said...

When I was on plateau, I looked at some of the other weight loss bloggers and I saw they were working out for two or three hours, which put my one hour to shame. So i upped it up to two hours split in to. one hour at lunch and one hour in the morning or in the evening.

ate 1500 to 1600 calories.

I also cut out process carbs after 5 pm. --which means I ate meat on top of a salad for three or four days of the week. but i had ice cream every night as a treat.

I got off my plateau and lost about ten pounds in two months.

I als helped for that last month I joined Singl Ma's "Punk Your Plateau" Challenge which gave me extra incentive to kick butt.

Maybe you should do a similar challenge.

I've taken a break and I've been doing maintanenc by one hour of exercise and 1500-1600 calories for the past two weeks and I haven't gained any weight back--Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

I agree with charbelle on making sure you still get some salt. And I would suggest getting your body fat taken. Salt will change the number on the scale, but you really want to know whether you are losing fat or not, that is what is important.

The one thing I don't like about weight watchers is they keep lowering your points when you lose weight. I don't agree with that. If you are losing fat and keeping lean mass or even better increasing your lean mass, then you shouldn't have to decrease your calories. Fat just sits there or is used up if you are eating at a deficit, but lean mass needs to be fed to keep it. So when you have extra fat you don't need as many calories (you don't want to feed your fat), but as you lose fat and are growing more lean mass, you need to eat to keep that furnace going.

So if it was me I would: bring my calories up to 1800 and get 3 days of strength training in (not just throwing around some pink dumbells but something challenging). And I would start doing interval training for your cardio at least a couple of your days. For just one example, run as fast as you can for 15-30 seconds and then walk 60-90 seconds and repeat 10 x's. Just my suggestion.

Tiff said...

I can completely relate- in the last few months I feel like I have not had one single week of substantial weightloss- but I also haven't had one week of complete effort either. Find some sort of exercise that you genuinly love and try that- life is too short to spend an hour every day doing something you don't LOVE.

Sarah Baugh said...

Using all natural sea salt can actually IMPROVE your health. It is completely different than the junk they put in processed foods or restarant salt shakers. Your body needs salt, just not the iodonized version that isn't even really salt anymore. Try replacing that! Probably wont help you shed any more pounds, but you can feel better about using salt! Also, the very most important, #1, most valuable thing I have learned from my nutritionist is this ; FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT! GRAINS MAKE US FAT! Take a look at cows, they get fed grain at the feed lot, not high fat diets. Be sure and incorporate plenty of healthy fats, including animal fats. I lost 40 lbs in one year eating eggs and bacon for breakfast every morning! Skip "lowfat" products, they just replace the fat with other junk that your body does not know what to do with. I hope that helps! I really enjoy your blog! I have just started First place, but I am following my own diet!

Julie said...

Do you like spicy food? I don't put salt on ANYTHING, however, I LOVE spicy food so I put Cayenne pepper on almost EVERYTHING I eat... ask Jenna.. I'm kind of obsessed, but it helps with the no flavor thing. PS - you look awesome!

Back at Sarah... said...

Grains do not make you fat. There are people who have an allergy to grains (celiac?). Grains make them bloat and cause all kinds of bad stuff in their bodies.

Unless you have that or some other allergy to a particular grain, you need grain and the fiber that comes with it.

BTW, I do not have 12 stomachs nor do I chew on my own vomit, so please don't compare me to a cow ;).