October 1, 2010

Tacos, Good Tacos

These tacos taste similar to Chili's Chicken Soft Tacos. They are so easy because all you need is 3 ingredients and a slow cooker. You can set it, but I promise you won't forget it. You will be thinking about how awesome they are going to be all day long!


1 pkg. boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 pkg taco seasoning (I used Old El Paso, reduced sodium)

1 small jar Pace picante sauce

I put the chicken in first, then the seasoning, then the Pace. I doubt it matters what order. On high this could be ready in a few hours, on low probably 5 hrs. would do. Whenever you can easily shred the chicken with two forks, then it is ready.

Serve on corn tortillas (a whole grain food) with nutritional extras such as plain Greek yogurt, more salsa, pico de gallo, lettuce, a low fat cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, lime, etc.

You could change up the recipe by using a pork roast or a lean cut of beef. You could also vary the type of salsa used in cooking such as a tomatillo salsa or a peach salsa for the pork. Let me know if you come up with a creative version!


Ali said...

This sounds really good, Keelie. And a good protein source too! I have been craving tacos. I sometimes have issues with chicken and my band, but I'm thinking being in the crockpot would make it really tender.

Thanks for posting, I'm going to try it soon!

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

You had me at "tacos." These look awesome! I'm going to whip them up for Sunday. Thank you for sharing.

Kristi said...

YUM! I'm going to do this!

Patrick said...

I just ate lunch
My hunger is cared for alright
These tacos a whole bunch
Thus I'll get my taco groove on tonight

Yeah nobody ever said I was a poet.

Have a good weekend!

Diva In Disguise said...

They do look scrumptious and I love how easy the "recipe" is!! I think I have all the ingredients so am gonna go throw em' in the crockpot now! Thanks for sharing! :D

Raegun said...

These look delicious! I love me a good slow cooker recipe. ;) Thanks for sharing!