July 14, 2011

32.2 lbs To Go

    172.2 lbs

The beginning of this week was not so great for me. I will admit that I have been letting the 10 lb gain get me down a bit. It is different than a pound or two here and there. This is a significant detour. I do know that I will recover but knowing that you will recover still doesn't make it fun to be in the middle of the mess. It also is a little bit scary to see how quickly this weight can come back on. Good to know...

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, I had a couple hours to myself yesterday which I desperately needed. I spent the first hour lying on my bed talking/whining/crying to God. The second hour I spent in my dimly lit bathroom, from which I first removed any and all traces of childrens' toys, diapers, etc. I cranked up my praise music and took a shower, fixed my hair, and put on make-up. Then I went to my FP4H meeting which was another blessing. It was as close to a spa vacation as I'm hoping to get anytime soon!

I woke up this morning and headed out for a 4 mile run. I haven't had a good run in several weeks. It was magical. I tried a new route with lots of shade and hills. I remembered that I run not only to train and condition my body, but to clear my head as well. That time is SO important and I forgot. So I was happy for the reminder.

Happy to say that I have had a great eating day with no mindless eating or eating where I'm stuffing my face in pure rebellion to what I know is the best choice for me. I got some cardio (the running) and a Shred workout in. My hubby and I even cleaned out our closet and the utility room and I got to help my m-i-l can some fresh garden salsa. Very productive! Feels SO good.

You know what I don't understand? How I can so easily forget the feeling of satisfaction and contentment that comes with a day like today. I pray that I would quit forgetting.

Oh yeah! Benefit of cleaning--finding 'before' pictures that you forgot existed!

(Right: circa 2003, Left: June 2011)

As I mentioned on Facebook earlier today, this reminds me of Martin Short in Pure Luck...only there was no anaphylaxis involved here. Just massive amounts of food and TV ;)


Kristen said...

I have found a run is the perfect attitude adjustment

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Don't let the numbers mess with your head too much. Focus on the here and now - when I think about the big picture, it trips me up. So I just ask myself, "Is what I'm doing right now moving me towards my goal or away from it?" That's all that ever matters - right now.

And those "before" and "now" photos are great!

Emily said...

I love the "Pure Luck" reference. Way to go!!! You inspire me.

Me said...

That's an amazing difference in portrait shots.

Can do mom said...

Sorry for the detour but life is full of lessons learned, isn't it? Hang tough, Keelie! I was just having this conversation with a family member who is trying to lose weight. It's so much easier to turn things around when they're small, rather than giving up and letting go until it becomes really big.

You know what you need to do, now go out there and do it!

I believe in you!

Pamela E. Williams said...

The poundage gain can suck big time, but the pictures tell the real story. You are looking awesome. The bumps in the road will happen, its just a matter of if we allow said bump to make us loose footing or jump, step, hop or run right over that bump and and say "IN YOUR FACE!" I see you Keelie as an "in your face" girl!

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

And now you're going to know how to DEAL with a "bigger" gain without doing what so many of us have done in the past. It's all part of game! (I love giving advice to successful people.)


PS you look younger in 2011 (but still cute in 2003).