July 31, 2011

Summit & a Commitment

Oh my, my, my, my, my. The First Place 4 Health Summit was wonderful! Even though I did have to wake up at 3 am Friday morning, it was so worth it! I received so much valuable information and encouragement this weekend. I am honestly having a really hard time processing it all! The speakers were excellent. The food was great and healthy, not to mention I didn't have to think about food at all!

The sessions I went to were: Choose to Change, Emotions and Eating, Happy, Healthy Family, and Share Your Tips. Each one was (you guessed it) great! I learned so much that I could write multiple posts from each and most likely will.

My favorite part of the Summit was hearing the testimonies of the men and women who's lives have been changed. As was said of the program this weekend, its not about addition or subtraction--adding this, taking away that--it is about TRANSFORMATION. You just become a different person through First Place 4 Health. God changes you, when you are willing. Or even when you are willing to be made willing, as has been the case with me.

The hand of God has obviously been on this organization from the very beginning, which was 30 years ago--just about the time I was born. Hmm... I just wonder how many pounds have been lost in that 30 years. I wonder how many lives have been changed. God knows.

As we were leaving we had the opportunity to accept a challenge. The challenge was this:

I signed my name on a little card and turned it, but I wrote the words down in my notebook so I would remember just exactly what I said I would do. I am committed to do whatever it takes to reach my goal this year. Join me?

Once again, Lord, I come to you admitting that I am not willing. But I am honest when I say that I am willing to be made willing. I want, with all my heart, to be obedient to you. I am serious and I am committed to reaching this weight goal, so that I might serve you in the special way that you planned from the very beginning. How I long to do your work! How I long to serve you in the way that you see fit! From this service will come my deepest joy and peace. Your name will be glorified. Make me a vessel worthy of your calling; do what I can not do. Change me, Lord, always. Amen.


Sam said...

Beautiful! It sounds like you had quite the experience at this retreat! I especially love the prayer at the bottom or your post. I can so relate to the not being willing, but being willing to be made willing.

I have been away from the blogging world for a couple of months, but I have continued to read your blog, and you have offered me so much inspiration. So often your posts would be the exact thing I needed to hear that day! Thank you!

I'm back to blogging, and pretty excited about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

One other thing about your blog - you have been such an example to me in openly sharing your faith in God. I am a people pleaser, and so I have been cautious about what I have shared about my faith and my belief in God. But I see you do it everyday, and it tells me that it's okay to be open about it. That if people are offended, then that is their choice. And I cannot put God on the back burner for fear of man.

Thanks Keelie! You are so awesome!

Sharilee Shares said...

This was beautiful! I love that you realize that committing to the goal is actually a matter of obedience. I am just starting to get that, too! Wow! Because you want to be at your best to serve the LORD. That is so awesome.

I, too, want to lose weight to serve the LORD. I have felt so held back by my lack of fitness.

Thank you so much sharing. This was very convicting for me and a good reminder of why I am doing this!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post...until I read the pledge. The words of concern went something like this:

"I will do whatever it takes....to get to my GOAL WEIGHT...and only THEN will I walk into my dream."

Really? Are you really going to let a number on the scale hold you back from walking in what God has called you to? If your goal weight is 145 and you only get to 147--you're holding off til those two pounds drop off?

I don't believe that, Keelie. I don't.

I know you included being fit spritually, mentally, etc--but the pledge centers on the words r/t doing whatever it takes to get to that number.

And, WHATEVER it takes? Again, really? To get to a number?

I'm so sorry to write this comment--I don't want to diminish your joy at all. Please don't let this do that.

Breaking thru whatever bondages and hindrances are before you to get to a fit and healthy weight is, of course, God's will for you and a worthy goal. But that is not what this plege states. It's not.

That may have been your intent, tho. Only you know what your heart meant re: this pledge. I urge you to reread the words of that pledge and make sure that it reads exactly what you mean for you have signed your name to it and stood before God, presenting it to Him, as you did that. It is a serious thing.

Hugs, Keelie. I hope I haven't offended you. That is not my heart.