July 27, 2011

I Interrupt this Program

Everyone breathe a sigh of relief. This is going to be an upbeat post! My PMS is over. Ha ha ha.

Seriously, it was pretty dark in my head for a few days and I attribute much of that to my hormones. However, hormone-induced or not, there is purpose in darkness and the darkness always gives way to light. I have learned to trust that part of the process. The great thing is that I always emerge with a new depth of knowledge and a closer relationship with the Lord. Knowing this gives me reason to praise and thank Him even in the darkest of days.

This is what I took away from my "weird time" :

I'm not God.
I'm glad I'm not God.
God loves me.
I'm glad God loves me.

Now that we got all that figured out, I'm ready to continue on this journey. Weigh-Ins, trackers, running, blogging, picture-taking and heck, maybe even some WEIGHT LOSS! Oh yeah!

We now return to regularly scheduled program...


Shrinking Mommy of 2 said...

I LOVE THIS POST. I am there with you. I am struggling with things and I need to TRUST that the Lord has a plan. We are not in control but HE is! That is hard to do as we are human...and this is just the way we are.

Anonymous said...

:) Yep, to it all. :)

Bouts of melancholy are much under-rated. Odd tho it may seem, if a bout of melancholy is done well, much growth occurs.

You proved that.

Not that we wouldn't like to gain that level of insight and intimacy with God a funner way...


Karla said...

Loving your blog!!!

Kimberlynn said...

LOL!!! I struggle so much with PMS and it seems to get harder the older I get. You're not alone!

So glad you're feeling better.

Can do mom said...

It happens. We go through dark days. The real question is, how do we handle ourselves in the midst of our struggles?

Dh and I were devastated to learn of a friend's suicide yesterday. Dh has worked with this man for over 25 years. His own wife called 911 but the police arrived too late to save him. There were money troubles and maybe other things we were not aware of. It's so sad. When things of this world come crashing down around us, how do we carry on? Where do we put our hope? Sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of time but then I remind myself that nothing happens outside of God's control.

Sorry this is such a downer comment. You can delete it if you'd like, Keelie.

Blessings to you.

SkinnyGirlSetFree said...

Hey........you keep it real, right?! :)

Let's do this, girl! So glad you're feeling better!! :)

Deb said...

I just now read this post...and it reminds me so much of the status I posted on FB a while ago...a quote from Max Lucado's book, HOPE, Pure and Simple:
Blessed are those who acknowledge that there is only one God and have quit applying for His job!!!
So glad you've got it all figured out, my sweet blogging friend!!
You are awesome....and you're just keeping it "REAL"!!!