April 3, 2010

Easter Game Face

Totally copied Molly here... Go check out her blog!

I have managed to get myself out of the funk. I was SO glad I didn't put up my scale because I weighed this morning and was the lowest I've been so far!!! However, I know that should I choose the wrong things at Easter lunch today, the funk could quickly return.

Not gonna happen.

Today's family lunch is going to be burgers and hot dogs and lots of chips and dip (my weakness). This stuff, as well as the desserts, will be sitting out all day and they will be at every turn! The following is what my bud and I came up with to help me make it through the day successfully:

  • I already began the day with a brisk 4 mile walk
  • drink a large cup of coffee just before heading to lunch
  • chew fresh gum all day long
  • keep a glass of water in my hand at all times
  • keep a camera in the other hand (Look, Ma! No hands for chip grabbing!)
  • bring baked chips to eat with salsa
  • skip the bun and desserts...someone is making jello eggs so I will have one of those
  • go for another walk this afternoon

I am also using a tool that I learned from Weight Watchers. I can't remember what it's called but it's when you play out certain situations in your head the way you want them to happen. (What do they call that?) So I am picturing myself fixing my plate using portion control, playing a lot with the kids, staying out of the food areas, suggesting a walk after the meal, etc. I love this tool--it really helps!

In addition, this is really a time that I should be reflecting on the death and Resurrection of Jesus rather than worshipping rich, fattening foods that have done nothing for me but cause pain and heartache. Anytime today that I am tempted to indulge, I will think of the sacrifice that was made for me...and YOU!

So that's it--my game face. If you haven't got yours on yet--you better!



{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

AMEN! that's an excellent idea, Keelie- thinking about the sacrifice that was made for us every time you're tempted to indulge.

i just think about how Jesus knew the whole time what was coming to Him. how He asked God to spare Him the cup if possible, all the while fully ready to accept God's will as it was carried out. it breaks my heart, but the truth is that, on earth, i'll never be able to understand the depth of His love.


Kelly said...

Game face on! We can do this!

God bless and have a Happy Easter!

Maria said...

I am with you on all accounts Keelie!

His Pain, My Gain.

But the Gain is not gonna be in the weight area. I have already scoped out the menu options where we are going tomorrow for lunch (new place, never been) so I am prepared. I am also planning breakfast so that I am not starving when lunch time comes around.

Kate said...

When I finally got sober, someone told me this little trick for when I was tempted. "Play it out all the way to the end, Kate." In other words, the desire you feel right now? Play out the scenario, should you go ahead and indulge. Which in my case, means sobbing in my closet (no joke) trying to convince myself that slitting my wrists is not a good idea. Cause that's how it always ended up when I got drunk.

So play it all the way out. Picture two hours from the time you indulge. How will you feel? It really, really helps.

mollymariephoto said...

hahah love the photos reference :) too cute!

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