April 20, 2010

Stuff Fat People Like

Disclaimer: Before I make every last one of you hate me, please know that anytime I do a "Stuff Fat People Like" post I am only drawing from something I have found myself guilty of or struggling with. In addition, use of the word "fat" is not offensive to me. As a 5'4" person weighing in at 229 lbs, I was fat. There's not really any way around that. Plus, "Stuff Overweight People Like" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Stuff Fat People Like #82
A Quick and Easy Fix

Slim FAST. The name says it all. Perfect for a fat person who wants to be slim and quick. I knew a guy once who decided to go on the Slim Fast plan. He had been doing it for a few weeks but was gaining a substantial amount of weight. Obviously it was frustrating so he began talking with others who had been successful on the plan. Come to find out, instead of drinking a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch, he was drinking a shake with breakfast and a shake with lunch. Not so fast, huh buddy?

The problem here is that we didn't get fat FAST and we're just not going to get slim FAST either. It's a marketing ploy that creeps into the fat person brain and caresses her thoughts of being a thin person without the requirement of much effort or time investment. It's called deception. And whether we allow ourselves to be deceived in the weight loss marketplace or by our own faulty way of thinking--something has got to change if the pounds are going to come off for good.

I recently read a successful weight-loss blogger's comment that it amused him when people would ask what he was doing to lose all the weight and as soon as he began talking about healthy eating and exercise the person would completely zone out. Ha! Has that happened to you? Or have you been the zoner-outer?

I have. I never wanted to think about what it would take to get there. I just wanted to BE there. But I can tell you from where I stand now, I wouldn't trade the "Slim Slow" plan for any quick fix in the world. I mean that with every fiber of my being. I have learned so much about myself! I have had the opportunity to form invaluable relationships, both online and in person. Most importantly I have developed a greater faith in God than I ever thought possible.
PS--I want to make sure that everyone understands I am not trying to knock weight loss methods that incorporate something to help speed up the process. I think there are lots of legitimate things out there that can help us including Jenny Craig, Nutri System, etc., Weight Watchers,Weight Loss Surgeries and yes even Slim Fast.

BUT! And this is a very big BUT... you have to put the time and effort into all of those programs to make them work. You have to follow ALL of the guidelines of the specific plan you are committing to. You can't expect it to magically happen.

That's all I'm saying.


Larissa said...

Amen to that! :)

Kristina said...

Have I told you that I Love you lately? Cuz I do, really! You totally make me smile, lift my spirits and inspire me! EVERY time I read your blog! Yep!! EVERY TIME!

Kristin Hope said...

You need a "like" button on your posts. :)

Nicole said...

I think I am offended lol you keep saying FAT and 229 and FAT thats my weight now and it hurts my feelings =( But its probably because its all true that hurts more. But I like the shakes they are good. =)

Reese said...

So true. Whenever I would see someone who had lost alot of weight and would ask them how, I definitely was looking for them to show me the fast road to thin.

cmoursler said...

um, my husband did it to me just the other day...he regained three pounds and said..
'so what can i eat that will fill me up and I won't be hungry'.
I said
"You want me to tell you how to lose weight without being hungry?"

He said "yeah.'
I laughed.
I said...well, those south african fat sucking leaches worked for me, they could work for you.
He looked at me for a minute before he got it.
They don't want to know because they ALREADY know.
They just have to be willing to do it.

Anonymous said...

GREAT post!! I love it. :)

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

I've had a lot of people zone out when I bring up eating healthy and/or exercise. That usually tells me they aren't really ready for a change. You'd be surprised how many stop in their tracks when I mention that I eat cheese & chocolate every day, lol.

Lisa said...

I love this post and you are oh so right. I just had this happen to me the other day. I was asked what my secret is now and I told them counting my calories and EXERCISE. They did not want to hear that, lol.

Lisa said...

I love this post because you are oh so right. I just had this happen to me the other day. A friend asked me what my new secret is and I told her counting my calories and EXERCISE, she did not want to hear that lol.

Barbara said...

Talk about admiring someone...I admire you. Not many of us want to reveal our age, more less our weight to the public.

You are doing great and I wish you continued success in your quest to lose the weight.

I have some medical problems that are causing me to have a sleeve operation( reduces the size of your stomach). I need to lose about 40 pounds and have not been able to do so. I am a lot older than you and I need to get it off and keep it off to stay healthy.

Keep going and when you get there, vow never again.


Vio at www.vislosingit.blogspot.com said...

Agree totally. I tried all the fast plans and they just made me bigger and bigger.... much better on the "Slim Slow" (which made me lol, btw).

Vaia said...

God love her but my mother is queen of the 'buy into a fast weight loss remedy'. She zones out when I talk about planning menus and walking schedules but if an informercial comes out with a diet pill or shake, it has her full attention. Nothing short of the house burning down around her can break that concentration. Great post!!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

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