April 21, 2010

Weigh In: Maintenance

I still weigh 187. I didn't plan or record my food this week so I can't really say I'm surprised. My new session of First Place 4 Health starts tonight so I am pumped. I always love a new beginning and a clean slate. I think next week will be a good one.

  • I ran 3 miles on the road yesterday! I have done the 5K on the treadmill but never on my outdoor route so I am very excited about that accomplishment.
  • Had a super fun shopping experience where I bought belts!

I would like to follow up on my Stuff Fat People Like post from yesterday. I tried to make it concise but apparently I just can't do that and get everything in that I want to say.

I want to make sure that everyone understands I am not trying to knock weight loss methods that incorporate something to help speed up the process. I think there are lots of legitimate things out there that can help us including Jenny Craig, Nutri System, etc., Weight Watchers,Weight Loss Surgeries and yes even Slim Fast.

BUT! And this is a very big BUT... you have to put the time and effort into all of those programs to make them work. You have to follow ALL of the guidelines of the specific plan you are committing to. You can't expect it to magically happen.

That's all I'm saying.


Seth said...

agreed. Time and hard work can make most programs work!

Kate said...

I'm totally done weighing myself. I am working out like a madwoman (for me - never having exercised before in my life)It's not coming off and I feel like a failure. So I'm just going to keep doing it and focus on how I feel about fitness. Sigh.

Jen said...

Good for you Keelie!! Running 5K outside is awesome. And your attitude is great, a new slate is right and some weeks, we will weigh the same... but do we look the same or measure the same?? NOt likely! Keep it up.

I'm Loving my Complicated Life! said...

Running the 5 k outside is so HARD! Great job. I have almost got to it. I am at 2.5 right now. I agree that making true life changes is key, but that sometime Plans can help jump start our loss. But we must remember that the basics of eating healthy and exercising are crucial!


Kelsey said...

I loved your Stuff Fat People Like entry yesterday, very cute. Love your blog, keep up the good work!

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on the NSVs! And you are right, there are no magic pills or easy fixes. It takes hard work. When people ask my husband and I what we do to lose weight, EXERCISE and EATING HEALTHY are not the answers they want to hear. :-)
Path to Health

PVED said...

Hi there - You are giving me hope and your photos are really inspiring to me. God what I'd give to be 187 pounds. I haven't seen that number in 20+ years.

You keep working, I will keep reading, and yes with God we can do it.

I appreciate your honesty.

Reese said...

Way to go on the 3 mile run!! :)

Can do mom said...

Running-mmmm - So impressive!

How fun to pick out a belt. I need to go find a great belt and then I need to feel confident wearing it.

I love the new photo of you with a belt. You look "mahvelous"!!!

cmoursler said...

never explain a joke...I don't think that was nearly offensive enough. lol.
keep the 'stuff fat peoplelike' stuff coming.
I think it's great.

Kelly said...

Way to go on the 3 mile run! I'm also wanting to do a 5K. I hate the treadmill though.. I want to add you on the dailymile.com :)

And as far as the explanation.. you said it great! Gotta have the will-power and want to to get it done. There is no magic pill out there. Trust me, I've tried.

Lookin good and I know you will rock next week! :)

Vaia said...

I worry about what will happen when I stop tracking but since I am aiming for a healthy lifestyle change, it has helped to put my fears to rest a bit. That is still a fabulous number...and less than 188 :)