December 21, 2011

I Forgot About NSVs

Haven't really posted about NSVs in a while. Here is one:

Yesterday was a Tuesday and I tracked my food and exercised for the first time in weeks. It was a Tuesday! This is huge. First steps never used to happen on a Tuesday. But now they do. This seems so monumental to me. I never even gave a thought to the fact that I could spend basically a whole week eating whatever I wanted and being lazy before the next Monday comes around. Not to mention a major food eating holiday would be included. These things didn't even cross my mind!

Until just a few minutes ago when fat-me thought, "Wow! What's up? You didn't consider waiting until Monday to get back on track! You wanna re-think that, right?"  But the answer is no. Because the self-discipline of the past two days has yeilded the most freedom and peace I've felt in months. At the same time, I am not freaking out about what I'm going to eat and what my strategies will be at all of the Christmas and New Year's gatherings I will attend over the next few days. Not that strategies are bad, but freaking out about them is and that's what I used to do.

As much as I may tend to think of my current state as "backslidden," the fact of the matter is that true and lasting change has taken place inside of me, inside my mind.  Thankful for this NSV!

Don't forget about NSVs!
P.S. For anyone who doesn't know, NSV stands for Non Scale Victory. :)


BEE said...

great job
keep it up

i totally understand what you mean if u do bad one day you cant get back in the routine and you blow a couple days

its great that you didnt let that happen

i have problems with this as well

i did really great for a year then burnt out and took off 3 months lol ya 3 months gained 30 pounds back and now im trying all over again but i stick with it for 2 weeks then have a horrid week

its hard to stick to it again

i think i need to find my motivation again

but im very proud of u

u r certainly inspirational

Kyle Gershman said...

Congrats! How Mondays, 1st of the month, year, etc. became the only milestones for implementing change I have no idea.

Lifechanging moments can't be scheduled...they need to just happen.

It's me, Cheri! said...

Way to go! God is SOOOO good!

Liz said...

Good job!!!