December 22, 2011

Messy Day

I finished our Christmas shopping today. Mostly. I was experiencing some anxiety due to that fact I was shopping for the majority of our gifts on Dec. 22 and my son hurt his ankle last night. I took Jonah to have his ankle x-rayed this afternoon and it turns out to be a sprain. Thank you, Lord. So instead of worrying about a broken bone in my 6 year old, I got to put bows on pretty little packages this evening.

And now for the messy. I did not think about the food that I ate today. I was kind of shocked at myself. Even as the food was going into my mouth (various fast food joints and an assortment of homemade candy),  I was so confident in my complete 180 yesterday and Tuesday, it really baffled me that the addiction took over today.

One day at a time.

I am going to focus on Emmanuel tomorrow. He came to us, He is with us.


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

This is the toughest time of year to eat right - not only are you rushed at every corner but you also don't have time to plan out your meals. I have been in a bad way with my diet since my wedding in October - I plan to start fresh right after this weekend. Once the temptation is finished and once my paycheck can go back to purchasing all the good and healthy food I like and enjoy! My stomach will thank me too - it's been a mess! Enjoy your self just be mindful! oxox

BEE said...

you were probably still stressed out about your sons ankle even if it wasnt broken and just sprained that is stressful

so maybe thats y u let the addiction take over

i do it too
but we r both strong women and will turn it back around

u r sooooo right
one day at a time

have a happy holidays

Kyle Gershman said...

Oh lord do I know your pain...and sometimes Jesus doesn't give strength for all the things you wish you had it for...He wants it to also come from within and that can be a tall order this time of year!...Merry Christmas Keelie.