July 30, 2010

What is an NSV?

Non Scale Victory.


You are going to be hard pressed to make it to your ultimate weight loss goal if you don't acknowledge your non-scale victories. These are the positive changes that are happening due to your hard work that haven't got a thing to do with the number on the scale.

I am the director of a non-profit organization here in the town where I live. Lately I have been feeling quite discouraged and inadequate because things haven't really been going how I had envisioned. Sometimes it seems as if the goal of the organization has been lost and the F-word starts popping up in my mind. Failure.

This week I was blessed to talk with two people who helped me recognize all that God has done with this organization. Stuff I never thought about or even dreamed of. Though the positive outcomes I hope to see aren't always there--others are. Same with weight loss...

My latest NSV was actually doing the workout from running club ALL THE WAY TO THE END. I was jumping up and down, high fiving everyone! The trainer was laughing so hard and I was almost crying because I did it. I DID IT! Was a moment... -Kate

My best NSV was going into the bra store and walking out two cup sizes smaller!! It has been at least 5 years since I have been that cup size!! -Googie

My greatest NSV was running a 5K this weekend and even surpassing my own expectations by getting it finished in 45 min. instead of the 1 hr it took me in training. =) -Deb

A NSV for me - this week I would struggle to say - I would have to be wearing clothes that I've been waiting to wear, that in January I couldn't even get on! -Molly

Favorite NSV for me is being able to go into a store and try on clothes and feel good about it instead of tearing up !!! -Kelly

Having the energy to keep up with my CRAZY ENERGIZER BUNNY of a child :) -Miz

How awesome are these!? You go girls! Thanks to all these friends for sharing their NSV's on my last post. It is so motivational to read about these successes! You can click on the comments to check out some awesome blogs! (If any of the links are wrong please let me know. It took me about 24 hours to create those links and toward the end I got a little hostile...)

When I first began I had no interest in the non-scale victories. That term seemed like an oxymoron to me. If the scale wasn't showing the progress then nothing else mattered. But the longer I hang in here, the more precious those non-scale victories become.

If you are struggling today, sit down with a pen, paper and maybe a pal. Start making a list of all the victories you have experienced along the way. Big or small, you will be see that this really is worth it. True victory comes when we realize it's much more about the journey than the destination.

So here's to the GETTING THERE!


Kate said...

Aww. Thanks for the shout out. Tomorrow is run 7 minutes/walk 3 and well? I already want to cry, just thinking about it. And the trainer emailed me and said, "I'm running with you tomorrow." And I was all, NNNNOOOOOOOOOO! Because I was going to cheat.



May there be much high-fiving in your life tomorrow. I'm sure there will be in mine!

Patrick said...

NSV's are key achievements and to me more powerful than what the scale says. Here are some of mine...
>Having to punch two more new belt-hole to keep pants from falling down
>Being asked if you have lost weight
>Fitting comfortably into my blue & white checkered shirt for the first time in years
>Being able to jog for the first time in years
>Finding fun in experimenting with healthy recipes
>Having to punch a new belt-hole to keep pants from falling down
>Being able to look at a fast-food joint & not want to go in
>Regularly using the inner-most belt-hole; no longer adjusting outward after bad meals or days
>Caring enough about myself to stop, go back down stairs, and walk back up when I forgot to use the stairs vs.the elevator
>Not having hungers pains influencing when/what I eat
>Discovering new, awesome, places to walk

Raegun said...

Thanks for this post, Keelie! I was feeling a little clueless. I'm going to be needing to pay close attention to NSVs as I've basically given up the scale. Pop by my blog you have a few mintues for details. I need your ideas!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

I actually keep an NSV journal. Its great to be able to read back through, particularly if I'm having a rough day.

Scarlett said...

I think my latest NSV was realizing I had not eaten junk food in one week...and counting. And I'm LOVING the healthy food I'm making. It makes me feel so good knowing I am taking care of myself!

Kelly said...

Good post! I love the way you explained it ... and THANKS for the shout out also :)

The un-Zen Runner said...

I don't why you're feeling down...you're looking great! I feel like I say the same thing to you each time I comment here, but I'm always overcome with happiness when I see you your health accomplishments each time I visit your site.

Sam said...

Amen sister!!! That stupid number doesn't always do what want it to, but that doesn't mean we aren't moving forward! Thanks for the reminder!