September 6, 2010

Monday Night Whine

Foreign objects: collar bones

This sight caught me off guard when I looked in my rear view mirror the other day! It was weird--like I was looking at someone else in the mirror. Collarbones, unearthed. Very cool.

I am seriously considering switching to a monthly weigh in on the blog rather than a weekly weigh in. I am still going to be weighing in weekly at my meetings and likely will continue weighing in daily at home. But I guess I am just tired of trying to come up with something to say every week when I gain or stay the same. I don't know. Now that I typed that it sounds pretty dumb. I guess I will keep doing the weekly thing.


Can you sense the disgust and frustration in my writing voice here? No? I am doing a good job of disguising it then. I am having another one of my hormonal moments. I am SO frustrated. I know I've come so far and all that but UGHH! Ya know?

I have been stagnant on the scale all summer. Before that, 50 pounds seemed to melt off me like butter in a microwave. Effortless. Well, it wasn't without effort but I know I wasn't trying this hard then. So what gives? Am I going to average a .2 loss per month and take the next 25 years to lose the back 50? That's what it feels like and that is making me VERY tired.

But then again, what else can I do? I'm not going to roll over and die. I'm not going to eat like a pig. Which I have kind of been doing for the past couple of days. I know. Dumb. Foolish. And it makes me feel horrible.

So if it takes me 25 years I will do this. In fact, I suppose I will delight in the 25 years and the ones after that if I am so blessed. I will continue to cry out to the Lord and He will continue to deliver me. That's the little dance we do. I will just have to put up with His sovereignty even when it doesn't fit into my time frame. *wink*

After all, you can see my collar bones. And you couldn't 9 months ago.



Charbelle said...

Have you tried interval training?? I know you're running and it's awesome but what if you also stepped up the interval training. Supposedly this is supposed to be what will really kick your body into weight loss gear again. I'm researching it right now. If you're at a plateau then there could be a multitude of reasons. Do you have a friend who knows a lot about nutrition or would a visit to a nutritionist be covered by your health insurance?? This could be another way to narrow down what is going on. You look fabulous!! I know you're working hard, just a few thoughts of what might help.

Michelle Henkel said...

Well, having actually lost all of my weight once before (ugh!), I too found the last 10 - 20 pounds to be the slowest going. It seemed like instead of losing a consistent number of pounds, it was more like a consistent percentage. Booo!!! But, if it's any consolation, I just looked at your pictures and you look absolutely gorgeous and I would never, judging by your current photos, ever think that you needed to lose a pound. You look fantastic and i love your outfits!! Especially the black dress in July 2010, the pic with the aqua skirt and the dress with the denim jacket, hehe - just to name a few). Keep it up!!

Molly said...

Hey! I just found my collar bones too! I thought it was just me so I hadn't said anything- thanks for making my day! Keep doing what you're doing! It's just a number - look bow far you can run! Look at how good you look! Look how far YOU have come!

Deb Willbefree said...

Chuckle. Well, of course, you know that I am so jealous of how you look that I can hardly stand it, right? We weigh the same--you look like you weigh 50 pounds less than I do. So, in my ind you're already at goal weight.

But, lets pretend that you do only lose 2 pounds a month. And don't gain it back. If you have 50 pounds to lose--which you don't--it would take you 2 years to lose it. Not 25.

Just sayin.

Hang in there, dear heart.

I know it's hard. I'm hovering in the 170s two months in a row now, myself.

And I have the minchies as we speak because I'm anxious about upcoming surgery. Like eating will help that. sigh.

I know.

Hang in there.


Julia said...

I'm at the beginning of my weight loss challenge and our stats are pretty similar at the same starting point. This gives me great inspiration as to what I can do! You look fantastic.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Yay for the collar bone!! I am awaiting for mine to emerge... I can feel it more through my skin now!

You should consider trying Take Shape for Life using Medifast food. You will average a 2-5 pound loss per week if you stick to it, and it really isn't hard at all. The hubs and I have been doing it for 7 months now and both have lost over 90 pounds. Just something to consider...

I think you look FABULOUS!!


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

what i love about you is you never give up. i know that's a mantra that's thrown around a lot- but you're a very real example of where never giving up gets a person. and thank you for being REAL- for talking about those times that you felt like you ate too much. thank you for being honest about what it feels like then and now.
your faith is my faith is the next girl's faith.

Googie said...

I love that outfit with the blue jean jacket. I southern girl after my own heart!! LOL. Keep it up girl, I know this is driving you crazy!!

Kelly said...

I have so been where you are. My first 20 lbs came off easy. It's getting harder the closer I get to goal.... Just gotta keep at it!

I like the comment about interval training. Keep with the running, but try some new stuff. Make your body guess. Make your body sore.

I know you won't give up! You are strong and I know you know what you want, just gotta get there :)

You got this girl ! :)

Kate said...

Do you know how often I've thought of throwing the scale through the kitchen window? It would make a really big mess and a very loud noise which might just be very satisfactory.

But then I'd have to clean it up. And that's not fun.

So I just envision it in my head. Sometimes it makes me feel better.

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

Hey girl- Don't get discouraged! I've noticed something along my way. I lose so much more weight when I'm thinking that I can lose the weight. I know it sounds crazy, but being positive about having a good weigh in and giving yourself a pat on the back for each healthy choice will give you all the advantage in the world with the scale.


Can do mom said...

You're doing it Keelie. Just keep on keeping on.

Slow and steady WINS the race!