September 17, 2010

White Out Horror

If you have been reading this blog over the past couple of weeks, you just recently got to know me reeeeally well. I talked all about my issues with anxiety. I told you that my anxiety is primarily induced when something is physically wrong with me or my family.

So if you are one of those people who knows all of this about me, then I thought you might find it interesting that this was the problem I was faced with last night:

My soon to be 2 year old with a good coat of White-Out on her lashes. By the time we found her she had managed to paint both sets of toenails and thankfully was just getting started on the eyes.

Several methods were tried, but Vaseline ended up saving the day. She knows that you are supposed to close your eyes when you put on make-up (too bad she doesn't know what actually IS make-up) so the stuff did not get into her eye. Just crazily close and all throughout the lashes.

My mom and mother-in-law must have sensed my distress (although I tried to stay really calm) because they took her to another location, bathed her, medicated her, and removed the White-Out from her eye. She is absolutely fine now.

But can I just say...


Not COOL, Glory. Not cool at all.



LauraLynne said...

someday you'll laugh? Or she will...

Deb Willbefree said...

:O Oh, dear! Uh-hmmm.. It might be a long time before you can remember this and laugh! It's hard to laugh when you're clutching your chest and hyperventilating. :0

I'm glad Glory is okay--and so are you. :)

I've read your posts on the anxiety, by the way. I think you were courageous to have shared that. I'm sure it helped a lot of people.

The one thing I thought throughout was how amazing it is that you've lost so much weight despite the anxiety. For me, anxiety is a strong motivator for eating.

When I get the munchies, I stop--eventually--and wonder what I'm feeling anxious about. I'm definitely not having the success in that area that you are!

Now. And...because I just can't help myself--and this is why I haven't commented on your posts till now because I KNEW I would be compelled to add this--About XANAX.

I gather from your posts that you are no longer using it regularly, if at all, but I just wanted to pass this on.

It is a wonderful little drug when used appropriately--and occasionally. I use it myself.

The trouble occurs with daily use. For some people, even when used exactly as MD directs, one of the side-effects can be DEPRESSION. Especially if taken several days in a row, regardless of the dosage. The higher the dosage, of course, the stronger the side-effect.

It only makes sense. Xanax is an ANTI-anxiety med--which means that it calms you DOWN. For some people--or if the dosage is too high--or taken too many days in a row--it does its job too well and calms them way DOWN into depression.

A small dose (.5 in a day, maybe) a day or two a month will likely have no negative effect for most people whatsoever. Everone is different, tho.

Okay, unsolicited medical info is now over. sigh.

You have done a great job fighting that anxiety. Really. The scale shouts victory in more areas than weight loss.


Deb Willbefree said...
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TJ said...

oh my! lol

Kelly said...

Silly kids, they don't know what they do to us parents! I'm glad it didn't get into her eye and your mom and MIL were able to get it all off.

fitby42 said...

I hope you can look back and laugh at this. It is an adorable picture. Oh, what those little kids do to us.

This ought to make you feel better: My sister puts eye drops in her eyes every day for dry eyes. Her 3 year old son always likes to watch. One day he was screaming and when she found him in the kitchen he had taken the top off of the Super Glue daddy was just using that morning. He thankfully did not put it in his eyes, like he intended. His fingers were glued together, though. She totally panicked, big time. Now she has a funny scrapbook page about the experience...

Slimming Down for the Gown said...

That would really freak me out too! Its crazy how quickly kids can get into something...and it's always something you would never think of!

arsenalfamily said...

Oh dear, babes and the things they do! This is my first time to your blog and you are looking GREAT my dear!

99ToGo said...

Oh dear!! My most anxious moments in life involve my kids (or are kid related). Worst anxiety provocation #1: a kids gets sick or injured and there's some doubt about how/when they'll recover. Provocation #2: I'M sick and figure I'm going to die and leave my kids without a mother in this crazy world.

So, I totally feel your white-out pain!

My sister put a solution of rubbing alcohol in her eyes, thinking it was saline mother held it together fairly well on the way to the ER. I used to think my mom was wimpy, until I became a mom and realized how it feels to be terrified for your kids' well-being.

Can do mom said...

Oh My Goodness!

The things our blessed little angels do when our backs are turned, if only for a moment!

I'm so thankful your little baby suffered no harm to her eyes. Hopefully you will be able to look back and laugh at her antics one day.

I think your mom and m-i-l are to be commended for helping you and getting Glory cleaned up!

Hugs to you, Keelie!

totallytheturtle said...

So I'm totally not in your situation, but I might have laughed. Maybe. Glad she is okay.

Danielle said...

When I was young, I took a piece of really thin clear yellow plastic and put it in my eye after seeing my mom put in her contacts so many times. I remember her freaking out and immediately rushing to get it out of my eye. The whole time I was just thinking how weird everything looked and wondering why she was so worried. (After all, she put things in her eye everyday!)

Funny what kids do sometimes to be like mom.

Glad to her she's all fine!

Kristin said...

i gave you two awards over at my blog!