June 10, 2010

Mental Health Day

Tomorrow I am taking what people in the education industry like to call a "mental health day". Going for a haircut and that massage I promised myself upon entering the 170's. It's going to be SO relaxing. So great.

I am hoping a haircut will help stop the madness. Recently my hair started falling out. It has always come out quite a bit, but lately I am pulling out huge chunks of hair at any given moment. So much in fact, I have considered making a wig when I finally vacuum my house and then empty the bag.

That actually made me gag. Sorry.

Anyway, last night I was reading about tension headaches. I have had one for about 2 weeks that just won't quit. Until I found out that they are caused by anxiety. Well, no surprise there. I have had a string of strange ailments come over me since around December and each and every one of them has ended up being the product of anxiety. As soon as I find out it is caused by anxiety, I am fine.

I did not know how crazy being crazy is.

So once I found out my tension headache was due to anxiety over another problem I had a couple of weeks ago ( A strained eye. I know. Weirdo.) it dawned on me that maybe I should google "hair loss" and see if anxiety causes that, too. Low and behold--it does.

So basically I am just a big ball of shedding, head-splitting, anxious fun.

I need a good alone day to re-group. To count my blessings and spend some quiet time with my God. He is the only one who wants to hear about my anxiety. In fact He wants me to just toss it to Him. Isn't that the sweetest? Oh, and he likes to spend lots of time with me in the mall, too...no matter how long I try on clothes in one store.

Ahh, tomorrow's gonna be great:)

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7



Michelle said...

Enjoy your mental health day, you deserve it!

Kate said...

Mental Health days are mandatory in my world. What else is causing the anxiety? Might be worth pin pointing.

But then again, I've been in therapy for 9 years.

Ana said...

Good luck on the relaxing bit! I think it is so dang important for our sanity and out weight loss!!!


PS I have a give away on my blog that might help with the whole relaxing bit. Check it out! :)

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

thanks for the love, deary. i'm honored you read my blog.

sounds like perfect timing for your mental health day! you're lucky you have such fab hair and wouldn't be literally bald like me with my fine hair if i had any kind of hair loss whatsoever.

the love of God is unmatched. He's with us in the dressing room, when we're sleeping, when we're happy, sad, good, bad. who or what else can we say that about!?

<3 blessings

Donna said...

Hi Keelie,

I can so related to what you are sharing. You are doing such a good job by the way! I'm losing weight too and am so glad. I've lost 16 pounds in the last six weeks. You really inspired me. :o)

I started losing my hair too a few years back and was under tremendous stress as well. However it turned out that I had a huge fibroid in my uterus that I didn't know I had. After the surgery, my hair came back and my nails grew strong again, instead of splitting. By the way, do be careful of what KIND of diet you go on. A friend of mine just started losing her hair..but it was because she was eating so low carb that she wasn't getting the right vitamins or something.

You look so good! Congratulations! We are now in the same weight bracket! I can't believe I'm only 173!! I was 189 when I first visited you. :o)

Verity Vaudeville said...

Headaches aside, you are looking in great shape :)

Traci said...

That will be so awesome. Think of all of that alone time with God while you are getting your massage and relaxing. Here's to a stress free day to you.

Miz said...

have a fantastic FANTASTIC day off.

from all things :)


Raegun said...

Have fun with your mental health day - it sounds AMAZING! And well-deserved, too!

Athena's Melting said...

I love your gorgeous red hair btw...you are so lucky! And I am with about the hair thing...I am shedding wicked bad lately..I stepped up my liquid vitamin intake hoping that helps :/
Have a great day today :))**

Vaia said...

Alone time is sooo important!! Congratulations on reaching this milestone for yourself - enjoy every moment!!

Happy Fun Pants said...

Enjoy your day - you so deserve it!

I love that you're being good to yourself! :)

Sam said...

Have a fantastic day!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comments! I look forward to following you too.

As for the hair thing, that happened to me a while ago too. Awful! I die my hair a lot, so that was part of the problem. Also, my stylist said to use a lower heat on my blow dryer. I got a conditioner that was super expensive, but did add strength. And I bulked up on my EFA - Essential Fatty Acids. Those make a BIG BIG BIG difference!! Look into it! I can help you get some (sounds like I'm a drug dealer - just for the record - I'm not!) if you want that are the best quality. Let me know.

Enjoy your Massage!!


teri-free2bme said...

I found your blog from the "First Place 4 Health" blog. First, WOW! You look great with all the weight you've lost so far (praise and glory to God)...I know it's a change from the inside-out thing, but just wanted to let you know you inspire me.

Hope your "mental health day" getting pampered was fun... I love it!


99ToGo said...

I didn't struggle with anxiety until about 5 years ago...and I get the tension headaches too, and perhaps reflux that's stress related. That massage sounds like a good antidote. That, and of course 'casting your cares' on the Lord. Enjoy!

Romantic Comedee said...

I think a mental health day is in order for sure. I gave myself a mental health weekend (weekends don't exist in the freelance world). I am certainly feeling better after a day of swimming and playing with my nephew.

P. Ropecia said...

Enjoy your mental health day. You have loose huge weight. You are looking slimmer then older photographs.