June 17, 2010

Take This Survey

1. Do you have age-related problems (aches) or degenerative diseases?
2. Do you want to prevent or even reverse the effects of osteoporosis?
3. Do you want to burn more calories during the day without doing more exercise?
4. Do you have previously injured muscles or weak muscle groups?
5. Do you want to have more energy and strength to do everyday tasks?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, I have good news. There is a simple solution: Strength Training. Strength training is a term that probably scares people. You might be avoiding strength training for fear that you will end up looking something like this:

Not that there is anything wrong with this lovely and might I add, very fit woman. This is an example of body building folks, not strength training. Strength training will not necessarily turn you into a big ball of muscle (unless that is your goal). What it will do is help to change your answers on all of the above questions from YES to NO.

Let's look at each question in detail:

1. Much of the bone and muscle loss that is attributed to age is actually from LACK OF USE. (Ouch! That hurt somebody.)
2. Bones become stronger and denser through strength training thus combating osteoporosis.
3. Muscle is the primary calorie burner. The more lean body tissue you have, the more calories you burn up all day long.
4. Strength training helps rehabilitate and strengthen previously injured or weak muscle groups.
5. Improving your muscles and endurance will be reflected as you go about your daily life. (I can certainly attest to this!)

You can get started with a strength training routine simply by obtaining a pair of small handheld weights or if you are cheap not ready to make that investment yet, a can of green beans will suffice.

I found a very helpful site called Strength Training Woman (just ignore all the ad links) that gives multiple exercises for each major muscle group. It provides instructions and an image for each. I am planning to use this to get a more serious strength training program in place. I have read that you need 20-30 minutes of strength training at least 2 times per week in addition to cardio 3 times per week and balance/flexibility training (stretching/yoga) daily.

So there you go. It's cheap, it's easy and it's something we all need to do--not just people who want to be bodybuilders. Even if you are hurting or old, resist the urge to NOT do anything.

As they say, use it or lose it!

Information for this post taken from the First Place 4 Health Members Guide which can be purchased here.


Jess said...

Great post! Very informative! I enjoy strength training but I am always confused about how much weight to lift and how many reps. I need to look into that.

Melissa said...

Love this post! Thank you! HAHA i laughed when i saw that pic!

P.S. your pics in the sidebar are really inspirational to me. I look like your "before" pics... but i'll get there!

Weighting Around said...

Thanks for the link, Keelie. It is very helpful And I must add, you are looking pretty hot girl!

Jen said...

Thanks for the link!! That is great. I've turned to running 3-4 times a week but needed to add in strength training...this gives me a push.

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

this is the premise of david zinczenko's abs diet plan that i'm following. strength training 20 minutes on three or four days a week, alternating cardio twice a week.

thanks for the link and the info! and the picture, too! :D

Raegun said...

You must have been reading my mind today. I was just complaining about my hate of strength training over on my blog. This is the 2nd post I've read on the topic today - go figure! I'm looking forward to checking out the link. We can do this Keelie!

Angela said...

i can attest that strength training is SO worth the effort! i'm a runner...absolutely love it; with a good play list i can run forever. and i always heard that runners need to incorporate strength training too, but i never did it because it's SO BORING to me! recently though, i decided to suck it up, and i swear, just after a few weeks of core exercises my running has improved HEAPS. you'd think the 2 weren't related, but you use your core for everything.(stabilizes stuff.)

like Josie, i'm also doing the Abs Diet workout(weird.) no visual abs as of yet, but i definitely feel stronger. they're hiding there somewhere:)

thanks for another great post, Keelie!

purple_moonflower123 said...

I love strength training more than cardio actually. Also to look like the bodybuilder above, usually "enhancement" drugs are used. It is very hard for a woman to bulk up.

Ella said...

I love strength training and I have just recently bought this book http://www.amazon.com/Body-Sculpting-Bible-Women-Revised/dp/1578262399/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276850065&sr=8-1

It's a great book and it has a lot of pictures and work out plans in it so you can just bring it with you to the gym :)

Jessica said...

question. . . .when you work out and everything...do you just leave your little one or ones at the gym in the nursery?

my boys won't stay with anyone. i've got to get started doing something, and being apart of a gym would be perfect for me if they would just stay...argh!

99ToGo said...

That picture really cracked me up :)

It's amazing that a person can actually make his/her body look like that! To each her own, I suppose!

I do a Body Pump class at least a couple of times a week, and I can already tell that my muscles are getting stronger. That, and I can see some definition in my shoulders. Under the fat I still have to lose!! Imagine what I'll find when all of the extra fat is gone?!

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H: Ghpills said...

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