June 24, 2010

Weigh In: .5 lb. Loss


Last week I gained 4 lbs. It was not really a surprise that I gained. The four pounds I found to be a little excessive but whatever. I have been trying to deal with this gain/plateau mentally as it usually takes a while to recover from such a gain. Here are a few things I am keeping in mind:

Eventually the scale goes down. A while back I had several weeks of teeny-tiny losses and even a slight gain one week but finally after about a month of this I had a loss of 5 pounds! I didn't really do anything differently that week. It all evens out.

This is more about my health than anything else. Of course eating healthfully is going to result in weight loss for me but as long as I am eating right I can feel successful even if the scale is stagnant.

I have come a long way. I was uploading some recent pictures today when I came across some pics from a few months ago. The changes in my appearance are so noticeable! That made me feel good.

Breaks will happen. If this is a lifelong journey--there are going to be times I have to pull into the rest stop, so to speak. It only takes a week or two of eating poorly and exercising less to realize that is not how I want my life to be anymore and then it's back on the road again!

No need to look back. Just buckle down and forge ahead because the next goal is always within reach. And it feels SO good to reach the next goal.

I'm curious, what are some things you focus on to get through the plateaus...or gains?


Jen said...

Hey Keelie, honestly, I'm looking to you and all the other blogs to help me. I've been plateau'd for ages but am still running and working on why my eating hasn't been great.

I figure that eventually that scale will move and that my drive to see it move will help me hit that next level.

I just have faith it will happen. Because this time is different and I'm still on the wagon 6 months later. I've never stayed on the wagon for more than a month - maybe, month and a half.

Patrick said...

On my current mission to get healthy, 68 days so far, I have not had a plateau. But on many of not all missions in the past I had them. Before I used to quit because of them if I may be brutally honest. There is no doubt I will hit one at some point, seems they just are part of the journey especially when you have so much to lose, and my total weight loss goal is 121 pounds. When I do hit it, my first plan of attack is to blog my tail off. I have found so much inspiration and knowledge from my fellow bloggers that it would just seem the place to go if I hit a wall. Beyond that I have to believe not-quitting is something I must do. Sounds silly to say it, but you have to keep taking action or else that’s it, game over and welcome back obesity acceptance. Now, the action may change however. Changing up the exercise routines, finding new exercise, re-evaluating the food plan for a different mix of the energy trio, things like that I hear mentioned often by those that have hit plateaus and have managed to get off them and move forward again.

Anna said...

When I have to get through a plateau, first thing that passes through my mind is "Screw it. Might as well eat that junk food"; so my first step is read blog... realize we're all trying to make it, and it will be hard sometimes... and then think of that cute skirt I bought. The one that fits me perfectly, wouldn't fit 6 months ago and won't fit if I eat junk. But it WILL fit next week even with a plateau. ;)