January 17, 2011

Do Me a Favor!

Wow--two posts in one day! Can you tell I have a computer that works again along with wireless Internet access? Yes, that is correct. I have been blogging from a remote location for several months now. I have had limited amounts of time to get there, whip out a post and that's about it. That is the reason I haven't been the greatest at replying to your comments/questions. It is also the reason I have not really been able to read and comment as I like to on all of your blogs.

Well, that is about to change and this is where the favor comes in. If you have a blog focused on weight loss/healthy living and would like me to include your link on my sidebar, please leave me a comment stating why I should want you there (just for fun!) and the URL of your blog--if the title is clean. I don't really want cuss words on my blog. No offense, it's just how I roll.

Please check the sidebar as I may already have you on there. If I began following you after say, March, then you are probably not on there because I haven't updated my blog roll since then. Also, I just did some blog cleaning and erased any blogs that haven't posted in the last month. Sorry if that was you! I can add you again if you haven't quit and are about to start back in full force. Just let me know:)

Oh, one more thing! Please consider checking your blogger profile and making sure that your email address is visible to those who view your profile. Of course if you don't want others to know that, then don't. I understand that some may deliberately choose not to show the email. But if you are unaware that this is an option, you are now aware. And the benefit of doing this is that when you leave me a comment I can click on your name and reply directly back to you in email form. I LOVE doing that. I am always afraid I will answer a comment in the comment section and the person will never come back to read it. I know, who cares, right? But anyway...just please consider checking it out, would ya?

This blog has been such a huge factor in my weight loss. The support I receive on a daily basis is invaluable to me. I can not stress that enough. I am thrilled to be able to "pay it forward" (any Biggest Loser fans in the house?!) once again. Yay for blogging in the comfort of my own home!

Thanks for your help.


Amie said...


I have a weight loss blog that I started a few weeks ago because I have been so inspired by yours (among others, of course!). You were the one, however, that inspired me to take mirror pics of myself! I would be happy to be linked from your page, but more than anything I just want you to know that I have loved reading your story and appreciate your thoughts on how your faith helps you on your journey!

Jeannette said...

You can add me if you want. I write about my weight loss, offer some tips I've learned along the way, and host a meme for motivation on Mondays.


I am making a page of inspirational bloggers and you are one of them. I haven't made the page visible yet since I am still working on it, but it should be up soon.

Morgan said...

I would love to be on your blog roll. Why would you love to have me there? Because we all need support, we all need help, and the easiest way for you to help me, a complete stranger in a different part of the country, is to put me on your roll where (hopefully) others will come and find me and lend their support. Then I can do likewise for them. Oh, and you are on my blogroll ;)


Kate said...

I love being able to immediately respond to blog comments with that feature. It's lovely.

Marie said...

Add me to your blogroll because I'm a fellow weight loser like yourself and need all the help I can get! That and I'm trying to lose weight while I'm pregnant.


Thank you!

Kara said...

I'd love the add! I'm a newer blogger but have certainly learned so much from reading yours. I'm a Christ-follower and studying The Lord's Table right now. I'm trying to turn my obsession with food into a way to honor God instead of a way to increase my pant size!


Happy Fun Pants said...

Thank you for doing the PSA on the email added to your blogger profile - I love that feature and I wish more bloggers knew about it/used it.

And yay for internet connectivity! :)

Mari said...

I'd love to be on your blogroll because I'm new at this and NEED all the support I can get! You, among others have really been an inspiration!


SkinnyGirlSetFree said...

So...I would love to be on your blogroll. You've inspired me, annnnnd, maybe, just maybe, I may be able to return the favor sometime. I haven't been following very long - but I LOVE your blog and how you give God the glory in journey! Good stuff!

Also...I just updated my profile settings. ;)

Molly said...

Like you, blogging has been a HUGE part of my success. Just getting the thoughts out of my head. I loved going back and reading my older posts and seeing my progress. I love your courage! I have not been brave enough to post many photos - regrets, regrets. I would love to be on your blog roll! Thanks for the inspiration Keelie!


Jamie said...

Well I wanna be on ther because I wanna be cool. Well really it is because you have inspired me, being a Rockstar and all. :)


Kristina said...

I think we are square! I saw where you just started following my new blog! Thank you Ms Keelie! I always be a follower of yours!


Untypically Jia said...

Well the title isn't dirty, but the weight loss "program" that's being created for me is called the dirty diet LOL! Just a little sense of humor to keep me motivated and positive about losing weight.


HopeFool said...

Hi Keelie,

I'd love to be in your blog roll. I started a weight loss blog in 2009 and petered out after a few months, but I am back at it now.

It's called "Praying for Lightening" because I lost 140 pounds in 2001-2 and gained it all back in 2006. Trying to do it again sometimes feels like waiting for lightning to strike the same place a second time.