February 2, 2010

Being a Stickler

I have a really good friend who recently lost nearly 100 lbs. in about a year. He has been an inspiration to the people around him and I have to say I am very proud of him. I hope to soon be able to share his story along with before and after pictures. (Hint, hint, Incognito*)

I think it is always a good idea to note habits of successful "losers" and try to follow suit wherever possible. One of the things that this individual was not afraid to do in his weight loss endeavor was to stick to his food plan no matter what.

He goes on several out-of-state hunting trips every year. I'm sure the food they eat on these trips is not exactly a picture of health. On each of the trips my friend took his own food and ate it for every meal. I think that took a lot of guts even though he says it was no big deal.

Another example of him being a food stickler is family meals. He would eat BEFORE he went. He did not even eat one single thing when he was there. I don't know what he did while everyone else was eating. I guess you could sit at the table and drink a glass of water. Chew some gum...

Even though this practice might be offensive to the maker of the meals, if it is something that helps you stay true to your plan--then by all means you should do it. You are the one who has to live with yourself and however little or much fat that might include. If forgoing a family meal is one way to help reach your goals, don't be afraid to do just that. And don't feel guilty either.

Some weight loss programs encourage you to be "flexible." In situations like those I have mentioned above, one might be taught to eat small portions of whatever is offered and just keep track of it. I think this can work for some, but for others it won't. For some people it is so much more stress-free to be able to stick to the plan they have laid out and know the exact nutritional stats of what they are eating. {That would be true for me}

I have learned from my friend that successful weight loss requires hard work and consistency. It's not always a "walk in the park" as some programs make it out to be. We are not always going to be comfortable and full. We are not always going to be able to eat whatever is at the party. I have also learned from him that you gotta do what you gotta do to stay on track. No matter what other people think.

If you are reading this and in the same boat as me (trying not to be fat anymore) I would encourage you to examine your lifestyle, where food is concerned, and make sure there is nothing you are allowing to hinder your progress just because you want to please someone else or not look silly. Don't be afraid to make necessary changes. In the long run everyone will be glad you did including the most important person--YOU!


Kelly said...

Great post!

Jen said...

Ditto, great post. So very, very true and I find (with my parents being naturally thin and exercise-phobic people) that verbalizing my choices sometimes requires a lot of courage. But I am doing it slowly.

Allie said...

This is so true! Trips, family dinners, parties...they're all a weight losers nightmare. Great idea to eat before you go. Love your blog!

Chibi said...

Excellent post - gave me lots to think about! :)

mdavis said...

Great post. I am amazed every Sunday when I see him at church and realize what he has done. I have committed to 9 weeks of "healthy eating." I cannot imagine for a year. However, with these encouraging posts, I might just be in for the long haul....Thanks, love, M