February 7, 2010

Weigh In: 2.5 lb. Loss

208.5 lbs.

NSVs (Non Scale Victories)
  • Met goal of running 1.2 miles each time I went to the gym
  • Fit into two pairs of jeans that I hadn't been able to wear for a LONG time
  • Went an entire week without going off food plan
  • Rolls are shrinking
  • Hit my first goal of 209 lbs. and get to buy new workout clothes



Stacey at Living by Faith said...

HOLLLLAAA! Look how cute you look! Congratulations on your 2.5 loss and for meeting your first goal!!

Googie said...

Yeah for you!!! I have decided to have rewards for my goals because of you!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Red Writing said...

Thanks Stacey!

Googie--rewards are a must! Just make sure you don't always reward yourself with food like I used to. Not healthy behavior!!

Kristina said...

Amazing loss! Congrats! You are so beautiful and I love your attitude! Congrats on the NSVs too!

Minnesota Mami said...

WOO HOO! Awesome...and lookin' good! You are busting through those goals and you're gonna be in Onederland in no time!! GO GIRL!

Red Writing said...

I dream about Onederland, MM! Once I get there--I'm NEVER leaving!

266 said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today! It's always wonderful to expand the horizons of my online community. I think you are making some really fabulous progress! Keep at it and before you know it people will be coming here to learn from you too! Success is contagious!!!