February 8, 2010

Goal No.1 Reached

My reward for reaching Goal #1 of 209lbs!!!

  • workout shirt (which I am wearing)
  • The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga
  • socks with a pink line so "no one" can steal them
  • Yoga mat

As previously stated, I have attempted to lose weight many times in the past and so this is not the first time I have rewarded myself for goals reached. However, the old me would have rewarded herself with food. This is what an old reward list might have looked like:

10 lbs lost--Hot Fudge Sundae!!

20 lbs lost--a week of eating whatever I want!!

great weigh-in--drive through Taco Bueno!!

Hmm. Do we understand the problem with this behavior pattern? Totally fuels the fire we are trying to put out. Thankfully, God has graced me with some clarity in this matter and I realize now that the reward has to be a springboard for more success. This is my current reward list (permanently posted on the sidebar):

209 lbs -- new workout clothes

199 lbs -- new outfit

189 lbs -- haircut, mani & pedi

179 lbs -- massage

169 lbs -- new outfit

159 lbs -- girls weekend

149 lbs -- family portrait

140 lbs -- tropical vacay w/ Hubs

All of these things will make me feel better about myself and encourage me to keep going. Yes, they might be a little costly but becoming healthy will save lots of money in the long run (ie. fewer medications, surgeries, etc.) At least that's what I'm telling the hubs. Quite a bit of truth to it, no?

I will leave you with a glimpse of my yoga "buddies." They make it impossible such a blast to work out in the comfort of my own home!

I really, really did not want to include this one since the gut is taking center stage, but I have to stay true to my "keepin' it real" theme. No guts--no glory, right?! AND I found out my deep lunge isn't so deep...need to work on that. Thank you, disgusting photograph.

And while I am being real, I might as well tell you that I ate several crackers with high-fat cheese last night. And a few Doritos with bean dip. Oh, and some peanut butter crackers. (I waited too long to eat dinner and went bonkers) Back on track today though. Yay me.

Okay--so what rewards are you planning for yourself? I want to know.


annie said...

I am so glad I decided to get back into blogging and that you left me a comment the other day! I wasn't a follower of this blog before, but I definitely am now. You are doing so great! I have been half-heartedly working on losing the rest of my weight from pregnancy and the 20 pounds I gained in my first 2 years of marriage. Your blog has really encouraged me to get serious about it. First thing's first- I'm going to work on my goals/rewards list! Thanks for being such an inspiration! (O:

Red Writing said...

Awe, Annie! I am so glad for you. let me know what rewards you come up with!

Kelly said...

what awesome rewards!!!
I seriously need to make a rewards list...
and as always, LOVE the pics! I have some 'helpful' yoga helpers also! hehe

Rosa said...

Yay! Congrats on reaching goal. And that is the best reward. You will love BL WL Yoga. I love it. I can't get enough of Yoga.

Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know of yours. I will definitely put you on my reader. Keep up the great work.

Googie said...

10 pounds- new fancy necklace
20 pounds- pedicure
30 pounds- haircut at my "fancy" place
40 pounds- new outfit
50 pounds- new purse and shoes
60 pounds- Vacation with hubby where I have to wear a swimsuit!

Thanks for sharing!! I have two workout partners too!

Nicole said...

Yay you! Congrats! I like your new goals MUCH better. I have been meaning to make a list of goals and treats too =D

Kristi said...

I started cracking up at the old goals. That's SO us. Love the new ones. And like I told you the other day, I love how open and honest your are being about your weight loss and stuggles. Crack me up at the pic of you and the kids. Glory so has food in her grip. lol!

Kristina said...

Love your rewards and congrats on reaching a goal and for rewarding yourself!! You should! My next reward is at 75 lbs lost and its a Michael Kor's bag that I have been coveting lol........Go US!!!

Patti said...

Congratualtions on reaching your goal! Im trying to lose weight too. I've lost 13 pounds since Jan.4.
My first reward is new fiestaware for my kitchen.

Stop by for a visit anytime!

Dee said...

Congrats on reaching your goal!!I had a rewards system but I erased when I redid my blog:/I WISH I had a workout partner. Everyone I know is so freakin' lazy!!I must admit I can't get into yoga. I'm a cardio freak LOL