February 25, 2010

Food Faves & Finds No.2

A peek into my fridge and pantry...

Gotta have grapes on hand! Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies. I have been known to eat the whole bunch in one sitting...but that's okay! Guilt free.

Just enough fruit. The lemon is for making dressing and cooking fish. I decided to try a tangelo this week--been hearing great things about them. The apple I usually eat with some peanut butter. Banana cut up in a bowl of Total Raisin Bran is my favorite breakfast.

These are the meats I got for this week. The salmon should make 2 or 3 meals for me. No one else in the house will eat it. They have NO idea what they're missing!

Pickled okra--this is an AMAZING snack. Whenever I feel like eating my arm off, I simply have half a jar of PO instead. A much better choice, I think.

Another delightful snack--laughing cow cheese wedges with crackers. If I close my eyes it's almost like I'm eating Easy Cheese (from the can). Almost.

These ingredients+chicken made my Asian lettuce Wraps.

These ingredients made a new family favorite: Tortilla Pizzas. The turkey pepperoni was great!
I've also tried a Barbecue Chicken Pizza with this method--tastes just like CPK!

My new item challenge for this week (to purchase something I've never eaten/prepared before) are these turnips and rutabagas. I will be roasting them with potatoes and onions one night. Hope it goes better than the artichoke from last week! ***Update: Turns out I do NOT like turnips or rutabagas. What are the odds?

Okay, your turn!If you have a great recipe, favorite "on-plan" food, new food discovery, please--share it with us! Enter the link to your Food Faves and Finds post below and be sure to grab a button!


Googie said...

Looking forward to seeing how they turn out!!

Kristina said...

I dont like those 2 either.....nor the Okra (sorry!).....everything else looks absolutely fab though and looking forward to trying out the pizza. Ill have to go find a recipe to add!

Beth said...

Asparagus, salmon, and pickled okra? Girl, those of some of my favorite foods! Too bad they stink :)

Kathleen said...

Roasted turnips and rutabegas are great. My H cubes them in tiny cubes and with sweet potatoes, coats them with a little olive oil and roasts. You could add your asparagus. How did you prepare them?

Kathleen said...

Pickled Okra???? When I lived in Baton Rouge I would go to Picadilly Cafeteria (the best!!!) and have fried okra. That was good. See, everyone's taste is different.

Alaska Girl said...

Omi, I wish I could send you some wild Alaskan salmon ~ farmed is no comparison!

I just found your blog, so haven't read a lot of it, but have you tried jicima? It is loaded with fiber, very little calories - I love it. I think a whole cup is well under 100 calories and 4 g. of fiber.

Turnips are okay peeled and sliced in a vegie platter. Rutabegas are fantastic in stew. That's the only way I've tried them. I LOVE roasted sweet potatoes (not yams) with olive oil, garlic powder and salt and pepper. So good for you, yet so yummy!