February 16, 2010

Put Your Arm Down--The War's Over!

When I was in Jr. high, there were these quirky sisters named Bonita and Groberta (names altered to protect the innocent). They were twins and they were CHARACTERS. As we traveled on a field trip one day, in the big yellow school bus, Groberta yelled out a phrase that has forever been etched in the silly part of my brain. She saw her sister with her arm raised high in the air to indicate she was "present." Without pause, Groberta exclaimed, "Bonita! Put your arm down! The war's over!" Oh my.

Well, ever since I had my last baby my perspiration has been oddly excessive and unusually fragrant, if you catch my drift. (And believe me, if you are anywhere near me while working out, you WILL catch it.) I feel like everyone at the gym is looking at me as if to say, "Hey lady, put that thing down--the war's over!" I know, I know! I surrender! I am prepared to purchase the best deodorant money can buy.

Any suggestions?

Is this postpartum-and-beyond sweat condition a phenomenon I am not aware of?


Taylor said...

I use the Clinic Strength Secret. It works for me. I mean I still sweat when I run but I like it. It's kinda expensive though and hard to wash off.

Alexandra said...

Hahaha That's hilarious!

I don't know what the "best" deodorant is, but I use Mitchum for Women gel. Good stuff.

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

I am cracking up picturing this bus ride. Oh, my. Just imagine how many others have that image still in their head.
I have a friend who absolutely loves what I think is the clinical strength Secret. She won't use anything else.

Kelly said...

I am right there with you... If you figure out a "fix" let me know ASAP!!

teebopop said...

Two suggestions:

Secret Clinical Strength or
Mitchum for Women

My daughter had the same problem. Even if she just showered and applied deodorant liberally.

She tried Mitchem before they had it for women and she didn't like smelling like she put on a man's deodorant.

So she switched to Secret Clinical.

She likes both equally well.

We all do too (if you get my drift).

Keelie said...

Looks like we have a winner--clinical strength secret will be in my cart later today.

Thanks ladies. Smell ya later.

Doodles said...

First, gotta say, I love your blog. You are so inspiring. So much so that I'm thinking of doing my own weight loss blog...seems like a great way to stay accountable.

Second, Secret Clinical is great. Expensive, but worth it.

Keep up the great work!!! You are doing a fantastic job.

Dee said...

LMAO this is awesome!!!:p

mdavis said...

Mitchum for Women Powder Fresh Clear Gel - I have been using it for years. The best I have found at WALMART.

I knew and taught those twins. What a great story for memory lane.

Kristina said...

I remember that! I used to say to my brother when he hit puberty! lol
My daughter met a woman on a mission trip this last summer who named her twins (boy/girl) DeWasher and DeDryer ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! I bout fell out when she told me! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi. I found you through the Texas Blogging Gals site and came by to say hi. Also to follow you. Look forward to getting to know you better. I'm also a TX blogger, so stop by my site and say howdy!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I think I took Groberta to the prom.

Dana (www.eatsleepgetfit.com) said...

Great story. I have no idea if it's a temporary thing or not, but if you find it to be a problem, I have seen and heard of people getting botox injections in their armpits! It helps with excessive perspiration, I swear!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Yeah the clinical strength secret works wonders... Or SpeedStick for men and I think it's kinda sexy because I smell like some hot dude lol

StarrStarr said...

I have used just about every type of clinical strength deodorant out there in search of something that will last all day. Many work to combat sweat but as for the unpleasant odor...after reading this post I realized that I too use secret clinical strength but when I workout I use secret clinical strength sport. The regular clinical strength usually works for normal days but when it comes to working out it doesn't last as well as the sport. When using this I am fresh long after the workout is over. It's great!

TAMMY said...

I had the same problem and a friend told me about a product called Certain Dri. You get it in the same aisle as the deoderant. It helps shrink your sweat glands. It really works! Plus once you have used it for a few days and your pores shrink you don't have to use it every day. I use it to supplement my regular deoderant. Hope this helps!

~ Karina B.~ said...

You're not alone. I noticed this almost the second after I gave birth. I used to be able to get away with not using deodorant some days. No dice! Now I HAVE TO make sure that I have some on. I even carry a travel size one in my purse.