August 23, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Such beautiful words. Let's just take them in, shall we?


Chocolate chip cookie dough is the bomb. But not in the good bomb kind of way. It's like a ticking time bomb of failure to me. As I sit here typing this post, a rather large ziplock bag of my mom's world-famous cookie dough is calling my name from the kitchen. Seriously. I can hear it.

Keeeeeelieeee...come and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat meeee. Put me in the microwave for a minute and drown me in vanilla ice creeeeeeeammmmm.

Shut up you stupid cookie dough! I know better. For about 1 minute you will make me feel better. No, actually you will make me feel NOTHING for a minute. Then I will come back to reality only at that point I will be blazing mad at myself for giving in to cookie dough temptation.

I am going to resist. I'm going to let it burn. And I'm going to thank myself on Wednesday when I weigh in.

Think I'll mix up some of these instead!


Jen said...

That's it Keelie. Say "SHUT UP cookie dough..." Seriously, though, from the picture, I could hear it calling ME and I am 1000s of miles away!! Stupid cookie dough.

That other recipe looks decent. I'll give it a try.

Charbelle said...

This post reminds me of confessions of a shopaholic! Did you see it? When the manequins are talking to her?
Can I just tell you again how much I love your blog!!

jesseybell said...

No way I could have it in the house! Chocolate chip cookie dough/cookies is my 'what you you have as a last meal, if you were on a desert island and could only eat one thing, what would it be'. So, so good. But with all the salomnella scare, I won't be making any time soon (because I can't make the cookies without some batter), which probably isn't a bad thing!

Patrick said...

The link to the Chocolate Chip Cashew Cookie Dough... that was worth the price of admission today.

Nice job on the self-talk and making a better choice. Nice job indeed!

Anonymous said...

Woowee! You redeemed yourself, girl!

I was a tad annoyed by the tiime I got to the end of the post bacause I had NEVER thought of sticking the dough in the microwave to heat it up and then adding ice cream. ! Oh, man...I wanted it bad!!!

I clicked on the link to the cashew/oats/chip dough--and woooweee! I can do that. :D No gluten. :D And I have sugar free chocolate chips that are amazing.

:D As soon as I track down the raw cashews, I'm making me some cookie dough! :D


Allan said...

I love me some Cookie Dough. Likes to sneak up on it, throw it on a sheet pan and give it heat stroke. Then, I eats it...

Anonymous said...

Ok. I made the cookie dough thing. Well, in my humble opinion it wasn't worth the calorie load. You KNOW I didn't have JUST ONE, right?

I did have fun whirling the oatmeal into flour, tho. :D


Lainey said...

Girl, the picture got me!! I just finished totaling up calories for the day and was trying to justify making cookie dough before I went on to read what you wrote. Doh! Good thing I did cause I followed your lead to beat the post dinner snacking. Thanks!


saucyminx410 said...

I had the same problem last week. I made Ben a batch of chocolate chip cookies to take to work last week and found my hand in the cookie jar more than once- or twice. I thus decided that any time I make Ben cookies from this point forward they will be peanutbutter- his favorite- and I could care less about them! Just remember if you do end up indulging once or twice- not to kick yourself too hard- forgive and move on! But keep up all this great will power!

Jess said...

I very rarely ever indulged in cookie dough. In fact, I think the only time I have ever eaten raw cookie dough was if I was baking cookies I would eat a bite here and there but boy, was it good when I did!!! This is very tempting as I have been eating sweets ALOT! mmmm

Anonymous said...

I was on my way out the door to pick up a few things, including chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, when I read your post. I got to the store and instead of ice cream I bought bananas and frozen strawberries to make a smoothie instead.


Kristi said...

Wow, you are the devil for post that pick. I want to know how you like the healthy ones. They don't look or sound too good. ;-/