August 25, 2010

Weigh In: 2.5 lb. Loss


For some reason I posted last week's weigh in on Friday! I don't know why. So this 2.5 lb loss was actually over the course of 5 days rather than 7. I am excited to see the scale moving. I also made the mistake last week of saying that 179 was my lowest. Actually my lowest was 177 which I was at a few weeks ago. Anyway, after this week hopefully the weight will be lower than ever and I will feel like this ship is actually moving again! Whew!

The before pic was from the same set as the Progress Makes Me Happy set I showed earlier this week. From several months back.

I am glad Fall is almost here. The routine that comes with it, not to mention the cooler temps really help me stay on track. I think this is going to be a very successful season of weight loss for me and hopefully all my weight loss buddies, virtual and otherwise, as well.

I have started the Couch to 10K program. Yikes! I kept telling myself I didn't need to do a 10K (5K was plenty!) but I finally decided that I would have to up my physical activity to get my system going again. Obviously since I started C210K last week it has helped with the weight loss. I actually started on week 5 of the 13 week program so that I will be ready to run a 10K in mid October.

I am doing my workouts with Kristi who is training for a 5K. Super proud of her! We meet in a secluded area that is half way between our homes and perfect for this training. It helps a LOT to have a workout partner. We both downloaded the app for our phones and it is so cool! It is like having a trainer whispering in your ear. When trainer lady says run, by golly I run. For $2.99 it was definitely worth it!

Just a few NSVs and then I'm out.
  • Large t-shirts now look like nightgowns on me:

  • Completed a 68 minute running workout last night. Hollla!
  • Kept my food tracker all week and reaping the benefits.
  • Completed my last FP4H Bible Study without missing any day's work.
  • Avoided cookie dough disaster! (But possibly caused others!? Sorry again)



I'm Annie said...

My goodness, you are just melting away! :)

You look beautiful. Keep up the great work, and good luck with the 10K!

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

congrats! i love watching you shrink. you give me so much hope.

and i am so WITH you on the fall stuff! it's my favorite season, and, historically, it has been easiest for me to lose weight in the fall. maybe it's because the temp isn't 119 every day??? i can actually go outside before 7:30 PM!

stay strong!

Taylor said...

So where is our 10k? I am about to start minute 1 on the 68...Pray for me.

Raegun said...

These are fantastic results, Keelie. I can really see a difference in the pics. Good luck on your C210k journey! I am working on the 5k version right now and I'm loving it (on most days!). Pop by my blog if you have any advice for someone who is getting used to the mental game of running long distances - I need it!!

Kate said...

Wahoo, girlie! 18 more days until my very first 5K. WHEEEEE! And now you're doing a 10 K!!

Charbelle said...

Your progress pictures, before/after always amaze me, it's such a neat thing to see!!
It was pointed out to me Saturday (and you may already know this) that while running is great you also have to do interval training to keep your weight coming down. This was said to me as I was griping about my current place on the scale.

Patrick said...

I enjoy all of your posts, This one I enjoyed just an once more, the NSV's put it over the top you could say. You are doing great, looking great and it is greatly infectious :-)

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Wow oh wow girl you are DOING IT!!! Woo-hoo! Beautiful!!!

I am slowly losing. I gotta up my work-out days. I need to be more consistent and also need to do better with my eating. yikes!

Chris xo

Jess said...

Well I guess that means I have some weight loss coming too! It seems like you and I stay neck and neck on our weight. We both go up and down together. I need to lose 5lbs to catch up with you! You are doing awesome and I hope it sticks this time.

Kelly said...

Wow! That's fantastic. And you look great. Congratulations. :)

Chibi said...

You're looking amazing! Congrats on the loss! :)

Kristi said...

Love the comparison. You look GREAT! Whoo hoo for our workouts! I do love having a buddy to do it with! You KNOW I wouldn't do it otherwise! ;-)

Can do mom said...

Hey - 2.5 pounds - that is great! I knew you'd get going again because you've been persevering and that's what it takes. :)

I confess to having a bad eating day today. My two girls felt like cooking and one made two delicious pizzas and I had one piece of that and the other made a truly delicious cheesecake that I indulged in not just one but TWO pieces of! With homemade raspberry sauce! Mmmmm... It was worth every single bite!

Tomorrow will be tough too because we're going to the MN State Fair. You can't go to the fair and not eat the fresh french fries! I also love the strawberry milkshake from the dairy barn. Warm mini donuts. Sliced apples with warm caramel on top... Sweet Martha's cookie jar (fresh chocolate chip cookies!) Okay, I need to think this through and pick my favorites and eat just a little taste. Thank goodness I'll have my family with me so that we can share a few of our favorites!

I think I might exercise on my cross trainer to help keep my metabolism on high. I'm going to need it!


Googie said...

Keelie...shut up girl!! LOL. I can't belive how fabulous you are looking!! Keep up the great work!! I hope to do a 10k in February. It is actually the first 5k I did. They also host a 10k!!

Tiff said...

Wow! You are doing SO amazingly! A 68 minute running workout? D.A.N.G. You rock!

The Better Idiot said...

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