August 4, 2010

Weigh In: 5 lb Gain

No, that is not .5 and no, I am not kidding. I gained 5 pounds in one week. I know I'm really bad at math but that's like almost a pound a day. Sheesh.

After losing last week I guess I thought I could coast on through another without being too strict on myself. Well, I thunk wrong. Hopefully this weight will fall off over the next week as I get back to eating more balanced meals and forcing myself to exercise regularly.

Excuses are for losers but here is mine anyway: it's TOO DANG hot. Seriously--if you aren't from around these parts there is no way you can understand. This morning we got in the car at 9:00 and it was already 95 degrees! Right now it is 104. If I even THINK about going outside my pits start spewing sweat like Niagara Falls.

But--it doesn't matter. I've got to get this ship going in the right direction again. No excuses.

What is really interesting is that I am now facilitating the First Place meeting that I have been going to since the beginning of the year. I love doing it--but how can I motivate the members to work the plan when I'm not even doing it 100%? Tisk, tisk.

On another note, thank you guys SO much for joining my BFF over at her blog. As of this morning there were over 50 of you there supporting her! I am touched and I know she is too.

Okay. I gotta go get my groove back.


Kate said...

The minute I started running more, I started gaining weight like crazy and everyone's all, "It's muscle!" And I'm all, "Dude! There IS no muscle yet!" I think the extra running is making me think I "deserve" to eat more.


Here's to a brand new week!

Melissa said...

This is why i got rid of the scale! 5 pounds in a week!? I mean, really? I don't believe you ate 3500 extra calories a DAY. Isn't that how that works? (i'm bad at math, too!)

& i know what you mean about the heat! I think you are in TX, right? I'm in South Louisiana. It is KILLER! (I think it's worse in TX, though. But it's pretty awful here!)

Kelly said...

You couldn't have eaten THAT bad. Maybe it's just water. Whatever it is, I know you'll get it back off. Maybe workout inside to a dvd or something instead of going out and sweating gallons... or maybe sweat gallons and it comes off easier.. Pfft! Easier said than done. I know how hot Texas gets!! Miserably hot!

Here's to a great week and You got this girl !!

Also, thanks for referring us to your friends blog. I am a follower of hers and looking forward to witnessing her journey.

Charbelle said...

It's so frustrating when you see that 5lb gain. You've got the right attitude! It's all about rolling on and not letting it stop you!

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

i SO feel you on this, Keelie. the heat index made it 119 degrees yesterday. the heat is stressing me out and "making" me say things like i hate summer and wish it were fall because losing weight is so much easier then!!!

Kristin Hope said...

Well, I'll just say that Yes, it is terribly hot here - and I think it's hot enough that if you're not careful, you could truly hurt yourself by exercising outside. I honestly will not exercise outside unless it's cool out. So, all inside stuff for me.

If you do decide to do things outside, please listen to your body. :) I know you will, but heck, when you feel it's so hot that you almost can't stand it, then I just think an alternative route should be explored. ;)

On a side note - I sat in the car today with ac blasting so I could read a book. It was cool at first, then the heat just penetrated. I was there 30 mins. It's been an hour since I got back inside and I swear my arms STILL feel like they actually got a tan....from INSIDE the car with the windshield covers on!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Omigish! I empathize about the sweltering heat - yesterday was a cool day (for once) and I took advantage by being outside! Otherwise I feel disgusting exercising.

When it's been too hot I have three options for working out:

1. Just get off my butt to get to the AIR CONDITIONED gym. Workout then have a leisurely stretch, mostly to spend more time in a cool environment.

2. Workout in the evening when it's cooler.

3. Go swimming.

I try to find ways around it. Taking a waterbottle with ice water in it helps. But, I am not a creature for heat... I prefer cold weather. If I could lie in an air conditioned room all day, I would!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

(((hugs))) don't get frustrated. I know what you mean by the southern heat. boy oh boy. HOT!! You can hardly breathe. I'm good at making excuses and maybe that's why my weight loss is like molasses. Seriously, I think I lost like 1/2 pound last week. I'm not going to let that bring me down though.

You are beautiful and think about all the weight you have lost already and how your body is looking GOOD girl!! :)

Chris xoxo <3

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Sorry about your non-loss (I don't want to call it a gain, okay)... bummer. But at least your on top of it and not too down in the dumps!! Way to get yourself back up and keep going!! You've done SO awesome!!


Raegun said...

I hear you - I went for a run with a friend last night and thought I was going to literally melt! I didn't exactly have the best week last week (I actually had a bit of a meltdown & gave up the scale!) but I am BACK this week. Come on - we can do this!!!!

Taylor said...

Swimming this weekend if you want! Any time is good w/ me!

Patrick said...

Keelie, Thanks for your kind thoughts of support on my blog!

Those temperatures must be wearing on you and a 5 lb gain is never welcome to see. 'No excuses', this is a great attitude. A great attitude to right that ship and ride exactly where you want to be.

99ToGo said...

I know what you mean about the heat. I am wondering why I planted a veggie garden when now, it's so hot out there, I can't bear to go out there and rescue the poor tomato plants with some water.

If you're trying to exercise outside, well, you should drop those 5 pound easily, just by sweating!!

It was 107 here with the heat index today, and I'm SOOOO ready for Fall.

Molly said...

I was just at a youth conference & I was in the heat all day- i was up in weight when i got back- my friend who is a Dr said it was all water gain. I just kept drinking water & after a few days it was gone. I'm sure water & heat are playing a huge role with your scales! Your body is conserving all the water it can.
Good luck -- love the positive attitude!

Anna said...

It's highly unlikely those are 5 pounds of fat! You'll probably lose all or most of them on the next weigh in, so hold on! September is not that far away ;) the heat can't last forever!

Seth said...

you'll get back on it. pick yourself up and get moving.

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