August 27, 2010

Inches Update

Chest January:47.5"
Chest August: 43.25"

Waist January: 52"
Waist August: 39.5"

Hips January: 52.5"
Hips August: 47"

Thigh January: 25"
Thigh August: 22"
(-3" x 2= -6")

Arm Jaunary: 14"
Arm August: 12"
(-2" x 2= -4")

This is a total of 32.25 inches of fat GONE off my body!

I am super excited because to be out of the woods, so to speak, for elevated risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc. the waist measurement for an average female is supposed to be less than 35". I am only 4.5 inches away from that! I am hoping to reach that goal by the end of this next 12 week session of First Place 4 Health.

For those who know me--I DID use a calculator for this but feel free to check my calculations ;)


Molly said...

OH MY HECK! Awesome measurements! Nice job. What a change from January. Do you ever think about where you would be if you didn't make the changes you are making? I think about it every day and thank a loving Father in Heaven for the changes that have happened!

Kelly said...

awesome measurements !!!!

Patrick said...

Melting away you are keelie. Melting never so much fun was it? :-)

Kate said...

Waaa to the Hoooo, baby! That's amazing!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You're disappearing before our very eyes!

Lisa said...

Wow so great! You are melting away! I am so excited for you!

Charbelle said...

This is so awesome and inspiring!! It's amazing to see and I just get so excited for you every time I read!!

MissyMcM said...


Anonymous said...
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Raegun said...

The numbers speak for themselves...CONGRATS! I can't get over the change in your waist measurement...and in such a short time too. You are so inspiring!

Julie said...

YEAH!!!! Just out blog hopping and not even sure where I came from but sure am glad I did. Your weight and measurements are the same an my starting and up today but your weight loss is way better then mine. Still working at it though and have a ways to go.
I am going to follow and read more about what you've done and been up too. Good luck with your life style change.
Take care and God Bless!!

Julie at

Scarlett said...


Anonymous said...

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