May 31, 2011

Ready for a Challenge?

Okay. I thought I had learned my lesson about doing month-long challenges. Lesson (I thought I) learned: I never finish them. Well, that's true. But does that mean I should quit trying to do them? I guess I don't think so because I am going to do a June challenge and I'm inviting everyone reading to join!

I read along as Josie did a challenge for the month of May: 30 for 30 (30 minutes of exercise, everyday, for 30 days) I decided to sit out on that one because it is very difficult for me to workout EVERY single day with my husband's schedule and my lack of will-power to do a video or treadmill with the kids at home.  So, I didn't do it.

But I think the eating well challenge will be great for me. Yes it is a pretty big deal to commit to 30 days of this. Not "most days of the week" but 30 days! But I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation to set for myself. After all, that is the ultimate goal for me--to make eating well, everyday, the norm. I love the terms of the challenge, basically whatever "eating well" is for you, that is what you are challenged to do for 30 days. For me that will mean:

1. Posting a tracker for every day in June
2. No more than one 'up' or 'down' arrow per tracker
3. Only choosing foods of my "Choose Often" list

Wow. That is really raising the bar for me. But I am ready to commit to this challenge. I have been doing the tracker faithfully for the past few weeks. That's been like a warm-up. Now it's time to focus even more on the content of the tracker and really strive to hit all of the elements precisely.

So that's what 30 days of Eating Well is going to look like for me. What would it look like for you? Would you like to join the challenge? Read about it in more detail here.

I think a challenge like this is good for two reasons:

1) Accountability: We can check-in every week at Josie's blog. We can post about the terms of our challenge on our blog. We can lay it all out there and then BAM! Instant accountability. (Knowing that I am going to have to post my tracker has saved me from several binges!) Accountability is something that we all need to be successful.

2) Encouragement: If accountability is the chocolate cookie part of an Oreo, encouragement is the white stuff. They just go together. Josie is a great encourager, has always been to me, so you can be sure to find that on her blog throughout the challenge. We will also have the opportunity to encourage others who are committing to the challenge. There is something special and helpful about encouraging others. We are made to give as well as receive encouragement.

Tomorrow is June 1st. Thirty days later it will be July 1st. I challenge you to make those thirty days count. Head on over to Finding It and accept the challenge! And please pray for me--I really want to succeed at this challenge! I will do the same for you :)


Kelly said...

Sounds wonderful ! I know you can do it :)

I LOVE your April 2011 pic at 166 lbs.. You always have on the cutest outfits! Where do you shop?

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Beautiful! And thank you for spreading the word, Keelie, and for spotlighting the importance/NECESSITY of encouragement. You're pretty good at keeping us REAL!

I have a dirty secret to air here: today is still May, right? There's still leftover grilled food and 1 piece of pie in the kitchen, right? That was the mentality before I read this post. But I think I'd like to start tomorrow, Lord willing, without a stomach ache. Pray for me. This won't be easy!

Donna said...

Hi Keelie, What a great post! I would love to join that challenge. :o)

This is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing it.

BTW, I posted today about What did you eat on Memorial Day. All about what I DID eat and was glad..and what I ate that I regretted. Overall I did pretty well. Your post about that was very good.

Donna @ Gettin' Thin Together

Donna said...

PS. I love your photos and your clothes too. :o)

Kimberlynn said...

I was already toying around with the idea of doing something like this for June. Thanks for the inspiration!