May 29, 2011

Stop and Pull the Onions

Another weekend...come and gone. Well, almost. Most of us still have a tough day tomorrow to get through. But I was just thinking, it's kind of silly and sad that every holiday (which usually exists to honor or celebrate something wonderful) has to be such an obstacle. I'm always talking about how I'm going to "get through" it. Tomorrow I am going to an all-afternoon party and plan to take a big salad to contribute. I'm going to stay away from the snack table and enjoy the celebration.

"Do or do not...there is no try." -Yoda

The past two days have been pretty funny on the tracker. I have eaten a lot of "extra calories" but I have exercised every day and I'm feeling great. I'm sorry to keep bringing up the tracker BUT...It is helping me stay in control. When I write down what I ate after each meal, even the really bad ones, it helps me adjust what I eat for the following meals. I think because I see that it's actually not as bad as it seems, that  I'm less likely to blow it the rest of the day. I see that it's salvageable and I salvage.

Here are Saturday and Sunday tracker:

As you can read in the notes section of the Sunday tracker--the church potluck got me! I don't really regret it though. I haven't had a piece of the real-deal fried chicken in a couple years and let me tell ya, it was finger lickin' good. I went and ran it all off and finished with a gigantic smoothie. No more food tonight!

Something happened on my run that I thought was really funny. To preface, yesterday I had been to my aunt's garden where I was gifted with a huge sack of fresh veggies. YAY! But when I was standing in the garden I noticed the onion plants looked very much like some weeds I always see on a particular route that I run. So this afternoon I went that route and when I got to the weeds I stopped and tried to pull one. It took a while but finally it came up. Low and behold! It was an onion! The whole road is lined with them and it's out in the country so they are just wild onions. They were there last year, too, I just didn't know what they were. I thought that was so cool.

Happy Memorial Day. Buckle up!

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Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

There needs to be a federal law against church potlucks. My church has one about once a month, and it's just like a holiday with: how am I going to get through? Sad.

Very cool about the onions! And I'm loving the Yoda quote. It's something I don't hear enough!

Have a great Memorial Day, Keelie!