May 26, 2011

Small Change, Big Difference

I have to say, I was really scared of making the decision to post my tracker everyday. I thought I would have a very difficult time making myself do it. While there have been a couple of days I really didn't want to, for the most part I am actually enjoying it.

I know from my experience in the education field that we all learn in different ways. Every person processes information uniquely and in order to maximize student potential, it is best to be sensitive to each unique style. Herein lies the challenge of being a great teacher.

In the case with the tracker, my brain needed a different layout to record and track what I am eating throughout the day for me to want to use it. The tracker I created has nearly the exact same content as the one I have been using for so long but it is simply arranged differently. Simple--make it work for you!

When someone asks "What is the best kind of exercise for me to do?" The answer is so easy. Do the exercise that you WILL do. Same here--arrange your tracker so that you WILL use it. I never would have guessed such a small change could make such a big difference.


What is just not working for you right now? What small change could you make? Small change could = a BIG difference. Think about it and let us know!

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momof3girls said...

Hey great congrats on the results this week. Your pic in the red dress (previous post) is wonderful! I think what's not working for me right now is not exercising at all on the weekend. In the beginning I was so sore taking Saturday & Sunday off made sense. However, now that I am down 47 pounds & have been getting in better shape. I think I need to work in a work out on Saturday's. I actually feel lime I sleep better, & feel better on days that I get one in. Well that is the small change I will be adding.

Thanks for all your positive post & pics they are inspirational!