May 9, 2011

See, Pray, Live

It felt like I was back in a well worn pair of shoes today. Walking in the right direction again. I wrote down everything that I ate. I even struggled against some Cheez-Its, potato chips and leftovers I spotted in my parent's fridge, but guess what? I won!

I have been thinking a lot about the word trust lately. I have realized that when I get hungry, I lose trust in anything besides my stomach. Whatever my stomach tells me, I believe. What my stomach usually tells me is that I need more food than what I am planning on eating--that what I have planned on won't "fill me up." My stomach tells me that it can have just one potato chip and be able to turn down the rest.

Sometimes it's okay to go with your gut, but not in this case. I can't trust my literal "gut". I have been praying for the ability to trust what I know to be true about my body and the food that it needs. The food it needs, in the appropriate quantity, will satisfy. I know that to be true. Allowing my hungry stomach to call the shots on what and how much I eat will make me fat. I know that to be true.

I love this quote from Carol Lewis, the national director of First Place 4 Health:

"First, you need to see beyond the obvious; then you need to pray beyond the possible; finally, you need to live beyond the temporary."

For the majority of us, hunger is temporary. That feeling of wanting to eat your arm off will go away if you and I will simply proceed ahead with what we know to be true.


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Sam said...

Girl - how do I always find a way to say what I need to hear to encourage me to keep going! Your posts are always so insightful and helpful! I love reading what you have to say - I am stealing that quote for my facebook page - love it! =) Thanks again for another awesome post! So glad I found your blog. =)