May 10, 2011

On Track

Thank goodness, another successful day! Being on track feels oh-so good! Yes, I did go over on my fruit intake and I didn't hit my 500 calorie per day burn, but I still feel successful. I am really enjoying this tracker I made. I actually look forward to writing down what I am eating! So glad I made something the really works for me.

Over the past few days I have become aware of some really significant things because I have been extremely mindful with my eating. I realized that I am easily going over my "extra" or "empty" calories each day--even when I'm "being good". (This is the e/c line on my tracker.) I am supposed to keep it under 195 calories. I think I have been coming close to that every morning with just the creamer I put in my coffee!!! Not to mention stuff like ketchup, barbecue sauce, ice cream bars, etc. I added this line to the tracker in big bold print right at the top of each meal so that I will be aware of all the extra calories I am taking in. They add up!

The other thing I have become aware of, yet again, is the lack of water I am drinking. Yes, yes, yes. We all know how important water why is it so difficult to get in? For one thing, it makes you need to hang out in bathroom for most of the day. But I need those extra squats, so no excuses ;-) I buy bottled water so I pull out 4 of them (80 oz. total) in the morning and make sure they are all gone by the time I go to sleep. It's working out well.

Some additional info I picked up from the (I swear they aren't paying me or forcing me to mention it!) regarding vegetables:

Dark Green Vegetables = 3 cups weekly
Orange Vegetables = 2 cups weekly
Dry Beans & Peas = 3 cups weekly
Starchy Vegetables = 3 cups weekly
Other Vegetables = 6 1/2 cups weekly

Keep in mind this is tailored to my specific food plan, but the breakdown really helps with making the best, varied choices for veggies. Variety is so important!

Today's tracker:

Have a happy hump day tomorrow! Are you on track...or bouncing back? Those are the only two options we have.


safire said...

Love how you phrased our two options! I'm on plan for about a week now since being back from NYC. It's hard to be on plan when I travel! Great job knowing what areas you can improve upon!

Kimberlynn said...

Hey Keelie,
I've been out town and didn't realize until now that you were able to get all this up and going. It looks amazing and you're doing so great!!!

You inspired me to redo my tracker page. Wouldn't you know that just when I decided to get serious about being accountable I'd have a few really bad days. Ugh!!!

Be blessed

Kate said...

Way to go! I'm glad you are on track with where you want to be! My plan these days is to get all my daily fruits and vegetables in before I start eating anything else. Weird, but it works.

Dana said...

Awesome! I'm anti water too... Shame on me.... :)