May 8, 2011

Goals. Accountability. Sigh.

This is what I ate yesterday. Why do I feel like I just walked buck-naked into a room full of people?

I have been inspired to kick-up my accountability which has been pretty much non-existent lately! The plan is for me to post this food tracker everyday. I hesitate to do this because it is a big commitment and the whole "possibility of failure" thing, but I think it is necessary for me right now. I am just not happy or comfortable with the lackadaisical way I am doing things lately. (I will buy lunch for the first person who can tell me where I learned the word lackadaisical)

The proof is in the tracker above! I thought I did well yesterday...until today when I stopped to think about everything I put in my mouth. The sad thing is that I have been having plenty of days here lately that I really thought I did "bad" so you can imagine what those trackers would look like! :/

While I am setting this lofty goal I thought I would add another. My friend Norma pointed out (as we were having a dressing room melt-down this weekend) that we haven't been setting goals like we used to. We would aim for certain amounts of weight to be gone within certain amounts of time. Well, I know why we quit doing that--because we weren't reaching our goals. Ha! I told Norma that and she reminded me that even though we might not have been reaching them, we were getting closer than we are now.

Good point.

So my goal, for the time being, is to lose 1 lb per week. This may be crazy. I don't know. I mean I know it's not unhealthy. It just may be crazy to think that in this stage of the game I can lose 1 lb per week. But I still have 35ish pounds to lose so I think it is reasonable. I think that if I simply stick to my eating plan and burn 500 calories per day I can be successful in this goal. This is what I was doing when I first started--faithfully. The result was consistent weight loss.

Duh. I just re-read that paragraph and laughed because--DUH! I know what I need to do. Why is it so hard to do it!? :-)

I will not hold it against you if someone decides to start a betting pool for how long it will take me to abandon these goals. But I am praying for dedication and odds are kinda in my favor. ;-)

Hold me accountable!!!!!!


safire said...

It's all about the small goals and eventually they add up to something tremendous! :D

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I hope both of us stick to our goals this week!

JadeAmber said...

Good job on stopping and reversing your negative momentum. I know, as we all do, that it's probably the hardest thing to do on this journey. Good luck!

Mrs. Britton said...

First of all, I love your blog! I love the title the most ;-) However you need a goal. Bigger than just losing the weight. After you lose it all then what? I say this because I also write a blog about my weight loss journey. I lost 55lbs and now competing in my first figure show! I know BIG goal but it's helped me push myself that much further to meet my weight loss goals and I couldn't be happier. If you need any tips or help getting past "the wall" as I call it, then by all means contact me. XOXO

Dana said...

Whenever I fall off track I realize it's almost always because I stopped writing down everything I ate. It always fixes itself when I go back to tracking. And I hear ya on the dressing room meltdown, I am a pro.... :)