June 12, 2011

Before & Now

Was looking for some pics to do comparison collages tonight and found this from exactly one year ago!

And from yesterday:

Another before and now:

This is the same top. The biggest difference is in the face. Where were my eyes before!? So crazy.

Remember to take pictures! You never know when you'll need a pick-me-up that a good "before & now" comparison can provide.

Eating today--not too great but not off the deep end. I was in bed most of the day with some issues that I'm sure everyone would rather I not discuss. I'll just say that I was in pain and did a lot of sleeping. Feeling much better now and hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Unfortunately, inactivity for an entire day almost always leads to poor eating choices for me. Not really sure what to say about my eating well challenge. Obviously I can't meet the goal of 30 days. Hmm....



safire said...

You look phenomenal! :D I love before and afters!

Marcella said...

You look GREAT!

I really like the before and afters too :o) that is what I have been doing, taking a LOT of pics of myself, and I also say, where were my eyes, and did I really look like that?

Have a great week and know that everyone has off days, but a whole day in the bed? I so wish! even if I was feeling BLAH!!!!!!!!

Donna said...

Keelie...You look wonderful and your photos are so inspiring! I know what you mean about the eating well challenge.

I'm trying to eat well...but visitors all week and too much time on the road messed me up somewhat. But I decided to get back on track with my food tracking again.

Thanks for sharing!

Donna @ Gettin' Thin Together

Jess said...

Love the transformation!
The proof is in the pictures (and in your heart!) :)

Michelle said...

Everywhere I turn there are messages telling me I should do photos so I have something to compare. I have done some now because it is like the universe is trying to tell me something. :oD I look forward to being able to see big differences.


Pam's Path said...

I am amazed at how different you look - You look great, You look so much YOUNGER!! It's amazing what weight does to our faces! I know that outward appreances are not what's really important but it sure helps when you look in the mirror!!
Hope you're feeling better!