June 8, 2011

Pizza and Ice Cream

Who eats pizza and ice cream just hours before a weigh-in? Who eats pizza and ice cream when they are on a 30 day "Eating Well" challenge? Who eats pizza and ice cream while standing and scarfing and hiding?

I DO! *Hit self on forehead*

I did this. Today. Just now.

What on earth is my problem!? (Wait, I know the answer to that)

Just wanted to put it out there. It always feels better to confess, and makes it easier to move on. Weigh-in results later...


Annie said...

Can't say I've done it right before a weigh-in, but I've certainly done it! It looks really good... ;)

Holly said...

I'm guilty of Mexican food and margaritas on Thursday night when I know I weigh in on Friday morning. Sigh.

Michelle said...

Don't beat yourself up and don't just ignore it. I would focus more on why. I have found that I only make real progress with stopping binging and secret scarfing when I look at why I have been doing it.

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

I was thinking of pizza and ice cream literally the *second* I saw your blog heading (and a few seconds before). TOM, etc. (But we all know I'd still be having that thought, no matter what time it is.)

Is it bad I would much rather this be 30 days of eating pizza and ice cream? Imagine that final weigh-in. The question is, who starts an Eating Well challenge and says that!?


It's not over! I'm praying for you now. Lord willing, you have already moved on from this. Past. Done. Next best choice: make it.

Please pray for me, that I lay my idols at the foot of the Cross. I wish I was a better cheerleader at the moment.

Kimberlynn said...

Been there and done that...but not before a weigh in!!! This is why I have my meetings first thing Saturday morning!

Hope all goes well on the scale!!!

rasita said...

I don't weigh in but I do this if I stop exercising! Which has got to be worse!
You are looking great and have achieved heaps :)

Kristen said...

it must be the weather because i am eatting like an idiot this week not just today...Great blog@!

thursdays child said...

I think we all do, just on different days!

Confession is the best start.Was it really that bad? Think back to old binges of the past - are we talking about a huge pizza or a slice? Are we talking about a gallon of ice cream or a scoop or two?

Because one of those is still a healthy choice (in the sometimes category, not every week).

I've been really enjoying reading your blog and it's posts like these that remind each of us that we're humans at the end of the keyboard. :D

Stay strong and stay wonderful!

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

Pizza and ice cream are yummy. Sorry, its true. I think learning not to eat the whole pizza or the whole carton is key. We all need a little indulgence on occasion. You're doing amazing. And one day isn't going to knock you off track.

Kim said...

It happens. Try not to beat yourself up. You're doing so well!

Jon and Rie said...

While we're confessing...I cheated today too. I'm on a 21 day detox and I had a cup of coffee this afternoon. *hides head in shame.

Munchberry said...

Meh. It is a day. Hide under the covers tonight and then get right back into the groove of the challenge. They do not call it challenge for nuttin.

Confession equals scrubbing. That and extra exercise. : )